Restaurants in Cancun to enjoy Yucatecan cuisine


Planning a vacation in Mexico? In Mexico, there are several places of tourist interest and the best one is Cancun, a resort destination growing luxurious with its array of restaurants and eateries. Cancun is cosmopolitan with a chain of restaurants serving delicacies and cuisines from all across the globe. Probably, you will find your favorite dishes in one of the restaurants in Cancun.  Enjoy authentic Mexican delicacies for they are the first choice of travelers among all activities. Indeed, you are sure to enjoy Mexican staples in Cancun restaurants like nachos, tacos, quesadillas, rice dishes, sausages, enchiladas and burritos. All these are native Mexican dishes served in most of the restaurants providing an authentic dining experience.

Yucatecan cuisine is influenced by Mayan to ancient Spanish colonial delicacies, and interestingly, carries the taste and aroma of Caribbean region. Yucatecan dishes are flavorful, delicious and unique.

What ingredients are used?

Here is a checklist of ingredients used in most of the Yucatecan dishes. They are peppers, oranges, a variety of seasonings and pumpkin seeds. The chefs at the best places to eat in Cancun utilize their culinary skills and traditional cooking methods to make dishes stand out. They even surpass Mexican offerings despite being mild. Further, native peppers and authentic sauces and salsas are added to improve taste and flavor. In this section, you will learn about Yucatecan dishes served in restaurants in Cancun.

Tixin-Xic: the all-time favorite

When it comes to traditional dish of Yucatecan, one cannot go wrong with Tixin-Xic. In most of the restaurants in Cancun, you can find this fish dish. It is one of the entrée fish dishes found in the menu of most restaurants. It is pronounced as ‘tee keen sheek’ and that implies ‘dry fish’. In most of the fish dishes and recipes, the chef uses drummer, grouper and varieties of white fish found locally. These are all found in the Caribbean Sea.

The lip-smacking dish of the Cancun

Cochinita Pibil is one of the favorite dishes of Mexicans that imbibes the goodness of local ingredients. The cooking technique may be different but ingredients almost similar to found in Tixin-Xic. The aroma-rich and flavorful dish is found in most of the eating places in Mexico. The pork is first seasoned using orange juice along with achiote and then the pork is wrapped in fresh banana leaf. After this, the pork is baked in a traditional way with the old and authentic cooking techniques. After the dish is done, it is served along with corn tortillas, onions and lots of veggies. Interestingly, there is also a variation dish called pollo pibil made with chicken instead of pork.

Huevos Motulenos: the favorite of many

Healthy breakfast dish, Huevos Motulenos, is a popular Mexican dish that includes cheese, eggs, chile sauce, corn tortillas and lots more. This surprising breakfast dish also has fresh peas and ham along with regional flourishes.

Popular small and side dishes

All throughout the places to eat in Cancun, you will find small dishes like Salbutes and Panuchos just like you find Empanadas. Panuchos and Salbutes are similar and carry ingredients like corn masa with beans, tortillas and toppings of shredded pork, shredded chicken and embellished with red onions. In this respect, Empanadas are different for it is a fruit-filled eating variation with sweet taste. You will find them all across Cancun.


Another popular breakfast dish Papadzules includes Yucatecan trademarks. The flavor of the dish is unique and robust. It constitutes boiled eggs and corn tortillas.

You must surely try out Mexican dishes in Cancun. All the above-mentioned dishes may be found in upscale cafes to the Downtown Restaurant norfolk va or anywhere you travel in Cancun.