Small Apartment Interior Design Solutions and Ideas


The space of a small apartment has become a pleasant decorative challenge. Firstly, smaller urban spaces have become trends, which is a direct consequence of a change in the contemporary lifestyle, as well as cultural and economic aspects. In addition, new small apartments are built in strategic locations, which helps to win over the public.

As a result, the obstacles that could come from the reduction in environments were overshadowed by the possibilities of making better use of the space of a small apartment. Do you live in one and are looking for new ideas to revamp the environment? Check out these different and creative decorating tips.

Don’t act on impulse

Planning is essential to take advantage of every inch of the environment. This means that, before being enchanted with any furniture, it is important to have a study of each space.

The predefined layout helps to idealize a composition that is elegant, comfortable and suited to your style and personality.

Integrate more, share less

The trend here goes beyond the space of a small apartment. This is because the integration of environments is a consolidated reality in any property.

However, its appeal in narrow environments is undeniable. After all, the rooms integrated into the kitchen have a smart concept of expanding environments.

That is not to mention the social element, when meeting friends, the host can interact with the guests without walls between the kitchen and the rooms to separate them. Make your visit to to find out more small apartment interior design ideas and request for a quotation today. 

Other functional examples of this are:

Balcony and living room

You can consider expanding the environment with the removal of doors.

The joining of two rooms to compose a bedroom and a home office in the same space.

The kitchen and laundry.

In this way, the integration allows a more practical circulation through the rooms, besides facilitating its organization.

Practical and well-decorated environment

Hooks and supports make your home more organized and make all the difference in your daily life. Check out our installation services.

Assess the use of multifunctional appliances

Less is more, and not just in minimalist decor. Compact home appliances are also very welcome when furnishing your home. This brings flexibility to the rooms and better utilised the whole space in addition to being an economical alternative, helping to save money with more awareness.

Examples of this are the cooktops, built-in ovens or washing machines that are also equipped with the dryer function.

Enjoy the use of 2-in-1 and bespoke furniture

Multi-functionality also goes well when choosing furniture. Sofas that turn into beds, for example, that are comfortable and do not require the construction of a guest room. Other examples:

Bed with chest

Coffee tables with internal space to store objects

Benches, shelves and tables with drawers


Folding tables

When a piece of furniture plays the role of two or more, the space of a small apartment is used in addition to adding a lot of style to your decor.

In this line of thought, it is worth noting the advantages of carrying out projects with bespoke furniture. They can take advantage of the entire footage of each environment. With this, comfort, organisation and style are combined with the home.