Small Sports Bets That Your Friends Can Do at Home


There are moments when you and your friends have fun together, and all you want to do is get around. Sometimes when you have fun with your friends, you make dumb bets, and the loser is expected to make them. You can make fun bets with your friends, and their consequences can be the subject of inside jokes and hilarity.

One of the terrible consequences of making a bet with your friends is that the loser gets a haircut from the winner. The funny part of this bet is that the loser has to endure a terrible haircut until their hair grows back. Being a butler for a day is also a bet that friends make when they have a good time for fun.

Perhaps the most common bets made to friends are food or money. Most of the time, the loser of a bet between friends is responsible for a meal or paying it directly with cash. However, when it comes to things that you can bet on, there are serious bets that can make you and your friends more cash.

One of these bets is sports betting in Kenya, and if you want to know about other bets, you can check this infographic from Chezacash.
Small sports bets that your friends can do at home [Infographics]