Smart Watch Options You Can Choose Now


One option is smart watches or bands that not only have a long battery life but also charge very quickly. Sometimes we do not realize it and, in the middle of the daily activity, suddenly the load is about to run out. To avoid having to leave it plugged in for a long time, there are smartwatches that have superfast recharges.

This is the case of the HUAWEI Watch Fit, which in addition to its autonomy of up to ten continuous days, is compatible with HUAWEI Super Charge technology, which allows 70% of its battery to be filled in just 30 minutes. Choosing the huawei coupon is the right option there.

OS Options for You

As one of the main functions of a smart watch is to connect with the mobile phone and be able to manage calls, notifications, music and many other possibilities from the wrist, it is very important to make sure that the smartwatch you buy is compatible with your cell phone.

The HUAWEI Watch GT 2, in that sense, has its own operating system, the Lite OS, which makes it compatible with both Android and iOS phones. In both, by installing an application, you can manage your notifications, make and answer calls, as well as transfer the physical and health information they collect, such as the kilometers run, the calories burned, the heart rate or the oxygen saturation.


It may seem the most superficial aspect, but unlike other gadgets, the smartwatch is an accessory that is always in sight and that should add to our style of dress.

In the case of the Huawei Watch GT 2, the watch face is made of sapphire crystal, with a more resistant and durable textured exterior, which not only gives it a very elegant shine and appearance, but is also scratch-proof. . As the frame is made of titanium, it is a smartwatch that can be used in intense or extreme sports and also in formal situations. Its 200 different cover options make its design adaptable to any context.

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The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best seller, although it does not lack competition from Samsung and other brands. However, if you search well and know what to look for, you can also find some quite affordable bargains.