Some Pot Plants to Grow in Your Home


Having a plant garden in your home with different plants on display in your cannabis planters is beautiful. It can be a hobby. Research has proven that people have general life quality improvement when they do what makes them happy such as gardening. So, here are some things you can grow for fun and improve your mood.

  • Canna

Cannas are summer plants with their full bloom coming out in summer. They are relatively easy to maintain, and you do not need plenty of them to grow a full container. You can leave them all year long in the pot.

  • Cannabis

This herbaceous plant has an annual cycle that adds a green, lush feeling to a garden. As the leaves spread like an open palm, they give a unique feel to your garden of flowers and other kinds of leaves. You can cultivate them in cannabis planters for fun, or you may do so for personal needs such as medical uses, cooking purposes, or to extract its seed oil.

  • Coleus (plectranthus)

Coleus is also a leaf plant that has beautiful coloration. The leaves serve as the flowers, with coloration pigments including yellow, red, green, and purple. You can grow it alone in a pot or with other flowers if you so wish. It tends to grow rapidly. So, if it is growing beyond your desired height, you can cut it to your desired size with a pair of garden scissors.

  • Buddleia.

Add a flowering plant to the mix that we already have. The Buddleia has over 140 species and is generally referred to as Buddleja or Butterfly bush. This purple flower has a unique presence in the collection. They are perfect to be grown in pots. They don’t flower all year round, but you’d have to prune them in spring to stay pretty.

  • Hebe

Try out the Hebe plant, which would sit pretty in baskets and tray planters. Their leaves are evergreen all year long. They have cool purple whisks that hold the seed and double as flowers. Flowers may also be pink and white for some. The flowers are alive all through autumn and the mild conditions of winter.