The Advantages of Using Mobile Platforms for Recruiting Job Candidates


Recruiters may benefit from developing mobile recruitment platforms to fill vacant positions in organizations. There are some organizations that have used mobile devices for some aspects of the recruiting process. While it is not uncommon to see companies use mobile devices to advertise vacancies, it is uncommon to see companies have mobile apps to create sites used to maintain their recruited candidates ready and available for positions. Companies with an awareness of mobile recruiting can use technology to capitalize on this practice to assist them when hiring individuals.

The organizations that have taken advantage of mobile technology to assist them in their recruiting have seen an increase in job candidates for positions. The trend in hiring is for individuals to use their phone or their tablet to fill out job applications. Today, busy professionals usually have their cell phones with them most of the time. This allows organizations to have access to people looking for a job.

A trend in mobile phone searches is for individuals to leave online sites that are not mobile optimized. Recruiters who have a mobile-optimized website can take advantage of the accessibility that they have to job applicants and provide them with a site that allows them to apply for positions. A company with a mobile recruitment platform can gain access to individuals who have a short amount of time but have enough time to apply for a position through mobile technology on an optimized site.

A mobile recruitment platform allows individuals to apply for positions or work on their careers quickly when they have a break during the day. Job candidates can receive messages that allow them to review open positions on their cell phone and respond to messages from recruiters. Applicants do not wait until they leave their current jobs for the day to communicate with people because they have mobile phones with them throughout the day.

When an organization has a mobile platform, they can have access to candidates through social media sites. Recruiters can expand their pool of job applicants through using social media because they can send potential candidates posts for open positions on a variety of social media channels.

Recruiters can create a more seamless recruitment process by using mobile technology. Individuals can transmit information that recruiters need through mobile devices. Organizations can make several decisions regarding their applicant pool through mobile technology. Recruiters are no longer bound to their workspace to decide regarding applicants because they can use online applications that allow them to perform their work from any location.

This creates more of a seamless process because applicants no longer need to wait for a recruiter to return to their offices to obtain information that they need such as the interview times and documentation necessary for the hiring process to move forward. Mobile recruitment processes allow recruiters to work in a more productive manner and recruit top talent.

A benefit of mobile recruiting includes it provides the staff with the ability to communicate with their peers. Recruiters can provide each other with information on applicants and track the hiring process. This allows recruiters to understand where they can assist applicants. By tracking communication via technology, recruiters can collaborate and work productively.

The ability to receive notifications on a mobile device can benefit the recruiter. These notifications provide organizations with feedback that they need to recruit in a more productive manner. A recruiter can receive information necessary to identify when changes have occurred on a mobile device. Notifications can inform a recruiter that there are actions they need to take when they are hiring individuals for positions.