The Mediterranean Paradise: Menorca


Menorca is an island that offers exuberant nature. But it is not only about beautiful coves and beaches with crystalline waters and white sands that could easily pass for Caribbean beaches, but it is also an island of a very rich historical heritage, having undergone the domination of different cultures throughout its history since, due to its location, it was always quite coveted by different cultures.

What to see and do in a short stay on the island?

First of all, it should be noted that this island is reached both by plane and by boat. The most convenient thing will always be to access by air, and to visit all the possible places on the island in a more comfortable and convenient way it is always advisable to look for different options of car hire Menorca services to get either a car of any size, or even one motorcycle, depending on the taste or needs of each visitor.

Regarding the choice of hotel or accommodation, the place in question really loses importance because, since Menorca is such a small island, the distances between the places are quite short and it is not difficult to navigate.

One of the best points to start the tour is Punta Nati, a place where there is an imposing lighthouse with an excellent view of the cliffs, the perfect place to appreciate the best sunsets on the island.

Ciutadella is another mandatory point on this tour, being the second most populated city on the island. Its historic center with a noble air of the past, as well as its port full of life and people are one of the best places to be in Menorca when the sun goes down.

It is also highly recommended to visit the coves in the north of the island. Taking into account that the landscape changes a lot, the coves in the north are distinguished from those in the south of the island due to their reddish-toned but exuberantly beautiful sand. These are usually more pristine beaches, so there will be no services of any kind around them.

The coves in the south of the island are definitely destinations not to be missed when visiting the island. After leaving the parking lot behind, and walking along paths surrounded by the beauty of nature, you will reach paradisiacal beaches of fine white sand with crystal clear waters in which the boats seem to float in the air.