The Outdoor Infinity Island Setup from BBQs 2U Has Revolutionized Charcoal Cooking


Charcoal cooking is regarded as one of the most ancient forms of cooking and gives a unique smoky flavour to the food. While very few people and countries have access to the traditional form of equipment to get the essence of charcoal cooking, most of the people who love smoked food own a barbeque grill that can replicate the same flavour.

BBQs 2u offers the widest selection of barbeque grills and outdoor cooking islands on their website. Based in the UK, all their barbeque appliances are designed to suit the weather conditions so that their customers can enjoy charcoal cooking all through the year.

They are authorized dealers of Kamado Joe products and all their products come with a guaranteed warranty. Time and again they also provide various offers and gifts on their website along with the purchase of their Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbeque grills.

The Kamado Joe Infinite Island is an amazing addition to the backyard for outdoor cooking. This Kamado Joe Table is made of galvanized steel which is very easy to clean and highly resistant to even harsh weather conditions.

The infinity island is available in a variety of finishes and people can choose the one that suits the interior designs or furniture of their home. Barbeque oak, fir platinum, extreme acrylic, carbon grey, and light polyester are the 5 available surface finishes for infinity island setups as of now.

The owner of BBQs 2u said, “After having the infinity island in the backyard, one does not need to arrange any other working space even if they are throwing a huge party. The working space and 3 drawers for holding all your utensils are sufficient to enjoy cooking on the barbeque grill without making a mess.”

The Kamado Joe Classic Table also comes with an ashtray that is a prominent feature of this island and helps in keeping the area around the grill clean and free from any burnt charcoal debris.

Their customers can also buy Kamado space cabinets for storing their pieces of equipment like boilers which will otherwise occupy a lot of space. Each of the island models comes with a precisely cut hole for fitting the Kamado Joe grill. This also comes with adjustable height for the grill to make cooking more comfortable and easier.

The German quality brakes attached to the island ensure that the entire workspace will hold its place when you are working on the grill. Additionally, the island also has shelves that can be loaded with desired spices so that the chef of the family is not running back and forth from the kitchen at the last moment. Overall, the complete island setup is created by keeping in mind the comfort of the person handling the grill.

For those who are looking out to purchase a new BBQ grill for the next outdoor party, they must check out the collection at BBQs 2u and they will not be disappointed for sure. Their Pinterest profile also lays out the complete collection of grills that can be explored by their customers so that they can choose the grills that best suit their needs.