The Perfect Design for Your Shed


    A packaging shed is an important part of any produce or flower farm. Depending on the dimension of the farm, the packing shed might be as simple as a laundry bathtub or table under a cover or as innovative as a separate structure with automatic equipment and a packing dock.
    Regardless, the design of the packaging shed needs careful consideration if it is to be an efficient and positive work environment.

    • Transformed barns

    The luckiest growers are those who have solid barns to provide shelter for a cleaning and loading area. Dairy products barns are especially good since the majority have concrete floors and rain gutters or drains pipes that can be hosed down. Some transformed their dairy products barn right into an immaculately tidy packing shed by covering the wall surfaces with food-grade plastic wallboard and epoxy paint, which is additionally cleanable, and installing their cooler near the milk storage tanks where vegetables and fruit are cleaned.

    • Greenhouses

    In wintertime, when the barn is not so pleasant, Farm sheds designer members transfer to a greenhouse for packing flowers. The greenhouse is not utilized for expanding plants; professionals found it to be a cost-effective structure to utilize as a packaging shed.

    Professionals utilize a 30-foot hoop-house covered in clear plastic. They defined this easy; however, reliable system: “Professionals of four or five brings the bread trays of collected green in one end as well as puts them on a long table. The packers get on both sides of a laundry tub at the other end of that table. The bread trays work their means down the table as the greens are bunched, washed, loaded, as well as labeled. The jam-packed boxes being in the color until the pick-up hauls them to the walk-in colder within an hour or so. The packing shed also maintains rain-off supplies and gives a parking lot for lawn mowers and tillers.

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