The Struggles Of Working While Enrolled In Graduate School – Read Now If You Have Plans


Life isn’t always the same in the movies where students enrolled in college and in graduate school are always having fun, goofing around, seldomly going to class, etc. In reality, most students in college and graduate school have part-time or full-time jobs, juggling their schedules between social life, work, and studies. A portion of these students also have their own families, a breadwinner, or have kids, probably enrolled in UST elementary program education. Working full-time while studying can be beneficial especially when being time-wise. You can retain your current job while earning another degree or title. But this can also be stressful and can drain your energy quite quickly. Sometimes, even a full-time job can’t cover the cost of tuition, and living expenses making students rely on a student loan. If you’re planning to pursue graduate school while working, here’s a glimpse of the troubles students face while juggling time between life, work, and study.

  1. Balancing Attention And Energy

Working full-time while studying full-time requires a lot of energy, effort, and time. Too much stress and exertion of effort can easily drain your energy. The demands of schoolwork and requirements are almost the same as the time you need to be in the office to finish papers and documents or reports. Some of the best schools for business management Bicol offer a night shift class for full-time employees that are enrolled in graduate school. Compromising one of the two can affect a great deal in the long run. It’s important to stick to your schedule and work through your time during the day and always find time to rest and recuperate.

  1. Time Management

It’s hard enough to cram a lot of reports and deadlines from work in a day or a week, what more when combined with school work deadlines and activities. Without proper work and study schedule and self-discipline, time management can be a difficulty. The tug of war between which task to finish first and which one to finish during what time can be difficult to balance when they’ve been piled up. It’s important to finish tasks at least ahead of the deadline to spare time for new tasks that are urgent.

  1. Maintaining Flexible Work And Study Schedule

The flexibility of your work and study schedule depends on the flexibility of your employer and school program. Visit the UST-L link, to find the most suitable graduate school program for you. Some employers would allow their employees to skip work hours to attend classes in the middle of the day. But some employers do not allow their employees to skip any work hour and retain the eight hours a day protocol for office hours. Sacrificing one of the two to make your schedule more flexible and useful is an important factor.

  1. Retaining Good Grades And Excellent Work

Attending classes at night while working during the day can affect the other in a good or bad way. Retaining both good grades and excellent performance at work can be stressful. This is true especially when you enroll in a high-demand school program while you’re currently employed in a time demanding work schedule.

Final Word

A few years to finish school while working would be nothing compared to the benefits you would gain in the end. Your degree can be your key to a promotion at work or a better job offer. Contact the UST-L academics section at, to find the best course program you would surely benefit from.