Tips for Sending Property Management Postcards to Your Customers


Postcards for property management are excellent marketing tools for realtors. Postcards are still helpful in the technological age to create an impact on your customers and sometimes work better than virtual marketing, which has dominated for the past ten years.

Even though marketing has come a long way, sending property management postcards with a message to your past and present customers can do wonders for your business. It is one of the best ways to interact with potential customers. However, you should keep in mind some points before starting with postcard marketing. 

  • Making A List Of Customers

This strategy won’t work if you send postcards to every customer you have ever contacted and randomly send them to their addresses. Sending postcards to your quality customers who have purchased from you or have the highest chance of making a purchase is a smart move. The list is called a quality list as it has quality leads. 

You can either create a list of your own or contact a reputable data management company. 

  • Stating Clear Call-to-Action

A crystal-clear call to action must appear on each postcard you send. There should be a picture that draws the reader in, and it need not be one related to property management. Don’t let the customers wonder about your reason for sending postcards. Put something original and catchy that reflects your business and sends the message you want to convey. You need to state a value proposition on your postcards clearly. 

Give the recipients clear instructions on what to do, such as calling you or downloading a free eBook. For example, you can include messages such as, are you receiving enough rent for your property? It might be the question on your card, and a free rental analysis could be your value proposition.

  • Adding Exciting Offers In Your Postcards 

New Offers and discounts are always a welcome idea for all your clients, and you may get instant attention or even your leads by providing some discounts and offers in your postcards. Freebies can be effective marketing tools. Additionally, ensure that your offerings are irresistible and end up to the CTA. Postcards requesting presents force people to phone you. 

  • Getting In Touch With Professionals

Property management postcards are specific and have to land at the addresses it is meant to be; otherwise, it creates bad marketing for your business. To ensure that everything is taken care of, you need a professional list builder to formulate the list for you. This list will include all your past and present clients and probable future customers. Online list builders work great like a pro, making it simple to compile a targeted list of property owners. You can use a polygon on a map, the neighborhood name, or a perimeter around a location to analyze the customers you want to target. 

Finally, get in touch with a reputable company that will provide you with assistance in developing a fruitful property management direct mail campaign. Even though direct mailing is considered a traditional method of sales, it has not lost its charm and can help increase the revenue turnover of your real estate business by many folds.