Tips to Avoid Infection After Tooth Extraction


Tooth extraction is a last resort for dental problems when the situation does not come under control through medications. It helps in getting rid of dental infections or decayed teeth. However, when the tooth extraction process is over, there are several things that you must take care of. You have to save your teeth and gums from any kind of dental infections. If you are unaware about the tips to avoid infections after tooth extraction, then this article is helpful for you. 

In this article, we will discuss how to avoid infections after a tooth extraction procedure. If you are in Houston and want to know more about these procedures, you must consult dental clinic Houston, TX doctors who can provide professional advice to you effectively. 

What are Common Signs of Infection? 

After the tooth extraction process, there is a blood clot that is naturally formed to protect the extraction site from bacteria entering into the surgical site. If there is no formation of blood clots, then it will lead to infections. There will be some signs and symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, and other such minor changes at the surgical site. Some of the essential infections are as follows: 

  • Increased swelling on the jaw and the face
  • Excess bleeding at the extraction site
  • Oozing discharge and pus
  • Pain that is not reduced through medications
  • Fever

What are Essential Tips to Avoid Infection After Tooth Extraction? 

  • Use gauze: If you are having bleeding or any such issue during the recovery period, then you can use gauze that will help you to manage the bleeding at the incision site. When you place the gauze, you can lightly bite it and avoid disturbing it frequently. You can even change the gauze when required. This gauze will help you prevent infection and start the recovery process soon. 
  • Take all antibiotics as prescribed: You might also have been recommended by the doctors to use antibiotics after the operations. Antibiotics help save you from any other attacks and infections. However, you should use the antibiotics only recommended by the doctors. 
  • Get enough rest: It is also an important tip that you must not avoid that you have to take enough rest and avoid any strenuous physical activities for several days after the tooth extraction process. 
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco: This tip is essential for every time whether you have undergone the tooth extraction process or not. You have to avoid tobacco and smoking so that your extraction sites heal properly.