Top 3 Ways User Onboarding Helps Enhance User Experience


Onboarding is an essential process that the makers of websites, software or applications need to perform to gain user confidence. Digital products makers do not have the facility to send a personal guide to each and every user; it is not feasible. They use user onboarding software to provide assistance to the users of the apps they create, it helps them achieve three very important objectives:

  1. Builds customer confidence: An app will reduced to an unsolved maze for the lack of a proper onboarding process. The users may lose interest in it immediately if they are not confident about the various features and their functions. To help the users understand the purpose of the application and to enable using it just the way it is designed, the onboarding process helps. Thus, the users stay engaged and do not abandon, which affects app rating badly.
  2. Helps gain customer trust: Especially while using the apps that involve financial transactions, ticket booking and m-commerce, the customers feel a bit insecure when they find the functionalities confusing. Simplicity in interfaces coupled with supportive onboarding process builds customer trust and they do not hesitate using the app. On the contrary, they suggest the app to others when delighted by its use.
  3. Better conversions and repeat orders: If the onboarding process is carried out perfectly, it can compel the users to do transaction; this translates into better conversion rate. They earn positive mouth publicity and the user comfort brings them repeatedly to the app whenever they need it for the intended purpose. 
  4. Ensures better utilization of all the features: Onboarding process makes it easier for the users to identify and appreciate all the functionalities of the application. Thus, the maximization of use of application helps the business extract the best value; the customers also enjoy full value offered by the customer.

User onboarding software, therefore, is the best support that helps application designers create win-win situation for both the business owners and their end used.