Top 5 Rules for Choosing Your Flower Girl Outfits  


Although flower girls are not the focus of attention during a wedding, most of these cute little girls steal the show as they precede the bride in their fairytale flower girl dresses. You will need to consider a host of factors when choosing your flower girl’s dress to ensure that she’s happy, comfortable, and feels confident and pretty. In this post, we discuss the top five rules when choosing your flower girl outfits.

  1. The dress should be suitable for the season

This is one of the most overlooked factors when buying flower girl dresses. If you are planning on having your wedding in the summer, go for sleeveless dress designs and tea length dresses that will wick away the moisture. If it is in the winter, consider adding warm stockings or tights to your flower girl’s outfit. Adding shrugs or sweaters to the flower girl dress will help keep her warm.

  1. Consider their age

Although long flower girl dresses are charming, girls under 5 years might not be able to carry them as well as you expect. Consider a tea-length skirt or frock for younger girls as they won’t have to drag them on the ground or trip on them. Dresses with high necklines or little straps are less likely to fall off and create embarrassing moments. Floor-length dresses are suitable for girls between the ages of 10 to 15 years.

  1. Take into account the fabric

While your flower girl’s outfit should match your wedding’s theme, you will need to stay away from fabrics that ate itchy, stiff or too heavy. As your flower girl is likely to move around throughout the day, choose a fabric type that resists rips and wrinkles such as satin. Fabrics such as organza and chiffon are also safe choices.

  1. Match it with your wedding’s color scheme

Your flower girl’s outfit should complement the bridesmaids’ and bride’s dress, otherwise, she will stick out like a sore thumb. One of the most popular options is ivory or white frock, which mimics the bride’s dress and complementing it with a sash that matches your bridesmaid’s dresses.

  1. Choose a dress that your flower girl will grow into

While your flower girl should not wear anything that looks oversized and shabby, a form-fitting dress might feel a bit restrictive and uncomfortable. When placing an order for your flower girl dress, choose an outfit that is a size larger to allow for growth spurts before the wedding.

The notion of a ‘perfect flower girl dress’ will only be possible through meticulous planning. Give yourself sufficient time to go through the various flower girl dresses options and consider the needs of everyone involved before settling on one.