Top Advantages of Choosing Sociology Optional For UPSC


The popularity of the UPSC examination is increasing every year. Many young candidates want to pursue a career in civil services nowadays. If you are preparing for the first time, you need to choose an optional subject. However, choosing an optional subject is not a piece of cake. In that case, Sociology for UPSC can be the ideal one. There are various advantages to choosing this subject. In this article, you will find out the benefits of choosing Sociology as the optional subject. So, let’s get started. 

Best Advantages of Taking Sociology 

If you are choosing the wrong optional subject, it will have issues cracking the UPSC exam. In this case, Sociology is the best optional subject. Before you check the UPSC Sociology syllabus, you need to know its advantages.

1. Scoring Subject

The best thing about Sociology is its very scoring subject. That’s the primary reason why many aspirants are taking this subject as an optional for the UPSC main exam. Hence, if you are checking some case studies of toppers, you will find out how they have chosen Sociology optional. 

2. Short Syllabus 

Another best thing about Sociology is it has a short syllabus. We all know that UPSC is a hectic and long exam. So, it takes a long time to prepare for the main examination. However, if you are taking this subject as an optional, it can save your time. You can cover Sociology’s syllabus within 3-4 months. 

3. No Background Required

If you have a second thought regarding the optional subject’s background, you should choose Sociology. You don’t need any academic background to choose this subject. Hence, every person has some knowledge of this subject. So, you don’t have to try hard to understand Sociology. 

4. Study Materials

Being a popular optional subject for the UPSC exam, Sociology has a lot of study materials available online and offline. You just need to find the required study materials. If you are getting admission to a reputed academy, they will provide everything. You can also gather notes from an online UPSC portal. 

How to Prepare For Sociology

Now, you know why Sociology can be beneficial for the UPSC exam. If you are a newbie, you need proper preparation for this subject. Let’s find out how you are going to prepare for Sociology:

  • Before you start the preparation, make it a point that you study the syllabus clearly.
  • For a subject like Sociology, you need to choose standard books. You can ask a teacher for recommendations.
  • Besides good books, notes are very important for this subject. Make sure you are reading relevant study materials for this optional subject
  • You can also follow some case studies for improvement. Case studies also give some valuable information that you can’t get in books and notes
  • Test series are very important for the UPSC exam. Make sure you are having a Sociology test series before the exam. 
  • Solving previous years’ questions is also good when you are taking Sociology as an optional subject. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget to make a routine when you are preparing for Sociology. No matter what exam you are taking up, you need a proper timetable. And when it’s a new subject like Sociology, you have to give extra focus. 


Finally, you know why Sociology for UPSC optional can be the best choice. That’s why most reputed institutes are suggesting aspirants choose Sociology as the optional subject. If you can’t find enough study materials, you should contact an academy. For more information related to Sociology and the UPSC exam, you can start your research.