Types of outdoor garden furniture


Types of Garden Furniture Based On Material

You don’t want to spend time cleaning or painting your garden furniture as the best material for the garden is the one that can resist weather conditions. Garden furniture is available in several types of materials. They are listed below:

Aluminum Garden Furniture

Aluminum furniture is lightweight, rustproof, and requires no painting or treatment. As it is lightweight, it can be moved easily. When the weather is too cold, you can easily move your aluminum furniture indoors. This would increase the lifespan of your furniture. One thing to consider before buying is that it cannot be used for easy storage. If you have les storage space, you should be aware of the fact that aluminum furniture may wear off soon if not moved indoors during the winter season.

Steel or Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

This garden furniture is strong and durable. They are heavy and do not need to be kept inside. However, you will be required to paint in regularly. Their weight is not a big deal as there is no need to move them indoors when the season is unfavorable. One thing that you should be mindful of when installing steel or wrought iron furniture is that it shouldn’t be placed directly in your lawn. You won’t be able to mow under it easily. Just like aluminum furniture, this type of garden furniture needs cushions for comfort and a good look.

Plastic or Resin Garden Furniture

This furniture is light-weight and affordable. It is weather-resistant and can last long. It is easy to clean: however, if it is exposed to sunlight for a long period, it may fade its shine. A good reason for choosing this outdoor furniture is that it is comfortable and you don’t need any additional cushions for comfort.

Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

It is made from woven and coated plastic strands. It is affordable, easy to clean and weather-resistant. Moreover, it is light-weight and needs no paintings. It resists UV rays of the sun which means it will not fade in color even if it is left outside for a very long time. Synthetic rattan is available in many elegant designs.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the most complimenting and common types of garden furniture. It blends with the garden setting: however, it requires treatment with preservatives on a regular basis. Some of the best wood types of garden furniture are teak, cedar, cypress, and redwood.

Natural Wicker Garden Furniture

Natural wicker furniture blends well in a garden and looks attractive and beautiful. It is light-weight, but you will have to store it in an indoor store when it is not in use. In addition, it needs to be waterproofed as the maintenance of this garden furniture is not easy.

Other Types of Garden Furniture

There are different types of garden furniture depending upon material, types, and make.


Benches one of the most widely used garden furniture. They are an intimate addition to any garden. Garden benches are available in many types of materials like wood, flat polyethylene weave, and cast iron. Benches with storage are also available if you have limited space.

Garden Chairs

They are a great option if you have a small garden. Garden chairs are available in wood, plastic, and wicker. You can place chairs as per your needs.


Without tables, chairs would give an incomplete look. To give your garden a finest look, it is necessary that you pair your garden chairs with a table. It serves many purposes from eating, painting, dining to studying. The garden table should be made of weather-resistant material so that it does not take damage from direct sunlight.


If you have a huge garden then sofa sets are the best option for garden furniture. They provide the ultimate comfort and attractiveness, classiness, and decent look to your garden. It is the best option in spending some time and chatting outdoors with your guests.

Bistro Sets

They usually consist of pub stools and round or oval small tables. They are commonly made up of iron, but are also available in other materials. Bistro sets look super cool and classy in any garden.