Understand the Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques Professionals Employ


Carpet cleaning is a process to remove dirt from the fibers, improve air quality, and enhance the carpet’s life. Many people feel that the carpet needs professional cleaning only when the stains are visible. It is a wrong belief. Carpets need a deep cleaning once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

There are several carpet cleaning techniques professionals employ. Therefore, before you look for a professional carpet cleaner on FlooringDomain, it is better to understand the advantages and drawback of the different types of techniques. FlooringDomain website allows people to post their flooring related needs and get offers from suppliers and contractors.

Carpet cleaning techniques

Wet cleaning

In wet cleaning steam or hot water is used. A pre-conditioning shampoo or cleaning agent is applied to the carpet. The chemicals help to loosen the grime and soil. A cleaning solvent gets sprayed with the help of a machine, then dirt and allergens get sucked back with an extraction wand. All the soiling embedded deeper inside the lower carpet surface is removed with the help of an agitation tool.

The steam cleaning machine is portable or truck-mounted. The former allows use in small spaces or apartments, where the truck-mounted hose cannot reach. Nevertheless, the truck-mounted units are more powerful in comparison. The wet cleaning method is time-consuming and even takes time to dry but competent professionals use powerful equipment to reduce this time. It is an expensive method achieved with costly equipment.

Dry cleaning

It is also referred to as surface or bonnet cleaning. It is a convenient technique for cleaning high traffic zones that need fast drying time. It is not a great option for thorough cleaning but works fine for maintenance cleaning. A chemical powder gets mixed with chemical solvents and agents and it then is spread across the carpet.

A machine fitted with a rotating brush gets moved across. The soiling absorbs the powder as the brush agitates around the fibers. It is allowed to sit for 15 minutes and then the powdery mixture gets vacuumed.

The carpet dries cleaning and within half an hour the carpet can be used again. It does not need special or technical training, but if the powder residue is left behind dust can buildup. It is an inexpensive, simple, and quick method but cannot offer deep cleaning.

Remember carpet cleaning involves a kind of cleaning agent. You need to ask the dry carpet cleaner what chemicals will they use. Some of the chemicals like butane, sodium bisulfate, glycol ethers, isobutene, etc. are unsafe, so get to know them. There are some eco-friendly products, which you can look for cleaning the carpets.

Final thought

It is a personal choice whether to use a wet or dry carpet cleaning technique. However, professional cleaning is recommended because it is cost-effective and they have the latest commercial-grade machines to get the job done perfectly and fast. Besides, you can sit back and relax as your carpet gets rejuvenated. Professional carpet cleaning helps to improve carpet performance and lifespan.