Understanding Lens Flare Photography- is it good or bad?


Understanding the different values and nature of light becomes a prerequisite if you wish to create professional photographs. For the same purpose, a lens flare can happen accidentally opening up a whole new world of clicking images to you. Once get a hang of it, lens flare photography becomes quite addicting.

The lens flare allows you to impart a rather dramatic sense to your photographs. If your photographic style is closer to what the lens flare offers, it becomes important to learn the art rather than a chance encounter.

What is exactly is lens flare?

Lens flare can be explained as an optical phenomenon in photography. The incoming bright light enters the lens of your camera hitting its sensor which causes it to scatter. The light rays stimulate the lens flare. It is important to note that this type of light is extremely bright and incapable for forming an image.

Lens flare does occur when there is an unexpected obstruction in route of the incoming light from a suitable light source.

How do you identify a lens flare in a photograph?

Lens flare appears in a photograph under two occasion which are as follows:

  1. It appears almost as a sort of haze in your photograph. It changes the contrast of the image completely, which in most mannerisms is called the ‘washing out’.
  2. The lens flare can also appear as an extremely bright starburst. The shape and location of the lens flare in your image is largely dependent on the shape and size of the camera’s aperture you are using at the time.

The overall consensus on lens flare is neither black nor white. Different photographers have variedopinions on it, making the flare a rather murky topic. But if you know how to manipulate it to create a rather artistic image, the same flare becomes a strong positive aspect of your photograph.

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