What Are the Different Moth Species?


Many of us think that moths do not cause any harm to humans. However, the fact here is even though they do not cause any harm to humans, they can still cause damage to clothing. According to research conducted in UK, there are more than 2400 moth species, and most of them are harmless to humans. The worst part about moths is they are difficult to recognize, and feed on fabric. 


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What are the different types of moths?

  • Case Bearing Clothes Moth: This type of moths can make serious holes in the fabric, and they are generally 6 to 8mm long. When it comes to the larvae it is usually 10mm long and creamy white in colour. 
  • Brown House Moth: They are the commonly found moths at home. They are generally brown in colour with some spots on body. Adult moths will be 8 to 14 mm long. Larva will be generally 20mm long. 
  • Common Clothes Moth: They generally have straw-coloured wings. Besides, they do not have any spots on the body. 
  • White Shouldered House Moth: They generally have mottled wings. Adult moths will be usually 6mm to 10mm long, while larvae will be up to 12mm long. 

The severity of the problem depends on the severity of infestation. 

What attracts moths into your house?

  • Doors and Windows: Open windows and doors attracts may attract moths into your house. Hence, it is important to keep your windows and doors closed always especially during evening time. 
  • Light Sources: Lights in your house may also attract moths. Moths generally search for light sources. Avoid keeping the light sources in your balcony or in your outdoor to avoid this kind of problems. 
  • Dirt and Dust: Dirt and dust can also attract moths indoors. Hence, make sure that you keep everything clean. It is also important to empty the vacuum cleaner once vacuuming is done. 

Are these moths dangerous?

  • Allergic Reactions: Touching the infested fabric or food can cause severe allergic reaction in few individuals. In addition, this can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Illness: Consuming the food contaminated by the moths can cause illness in both pets and humans. 

Certain type of herbs can repel the moths. Some of them include bay leaves, lavender, cloves, thyme and rosemary. Take such herbs in a bowl and place them at various corners of your home to repel moths. White vinegar works very effectively on moths. Take some white vinegar and mix it with water to clean your floor, windows and other things in your home to prevent moth infestation.