What Are The Rules To Know Before Preparing Your CV


A Curriculum vitae is an evident and short summary of a person’s achievements, qualifications, and experiences. Generally, a cv is written while applying for a job or a position. To be more precise, a CV gives us a chance to express and convey our talent indirectly through a piece of paper. While there are many conditions and contradictions in how to write cv, there are specific rules that people need to follow to look professional in an interview. Let’s take a look at the rules and hacks to make your CV look impressive and convincing to the hirers. 

  • Give A Catchy Introduction.

Wherever you put your introduction, make sure you write it in a catchy way. Hirers like to know more about your character apart from your studies. The way you explain yourself makes you more credible. Keep the details limited and transparent to ensure you’re a controlled person. Try mentioning your weaknesses and ways you overcome them, as it helps the interviewer understand your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t exaggerate as it might give a wrong impression to the company. Talk about what you love the most as it shows your extroverted behaviour. 

  • Education Qualification

Some companies particularly look at scores or grades before hiring. On the other hand, some companies look for overall skills to provide the job. No matter what the conditions might be, education qualification is essential. If you’re applying for a company that needs scholars, concentrate on showcasing your academics. If you’re using for a company that needs people with a blend of talent and scholars, then focus on other aspects too. Remember to add any additional courses or certifications that you’ve acquired during your academic years. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to write cv (การเขียน cv, which is the term in Thai) is the it’s essential to know that value-added courses add more weightage to your CV. 

  • Work Experience And Relevant Skills 

A 9-5 job isn’t just a daily routine of solving issues and completing the tasks. Hirers, HRs, and almost every employer thrive on picking gems out of the usual crowd in the job market. Post pandemic, companies have started taking in people with previous experience or relevant skills in that particular domain. Hence if you’re searching for one hack on how to write cv, then adding your work experience is definitely to be included. 

So, these are a few tips to know before preparing a CV.