What Good Phone Calls are Made Of


If a potential customer asks about how much it will cost for you to haul away their six-seater couch, answering with an estimated amount right away is not the best way to go. The problem with this is that no matter how accurate your answer is, it does not build enough impression and relationship with the customer. This, and chasing a lower price point, are enough to send possible clients running to the next hauling service. To prevent this from happening, do these things:

Ask the right questions

Services that help you with junk removal leads bridge you and the customers to mutually benefiting opportunities. Probing for what it is your potential client’s need will help you seal the deal. By asking questions, you communicate to them that the job is about their business more than it is about yours. Making clients feel important this way, and influences their decision to make you their go-to person.

Take the time to ask about the items you will have to remove. Some jobs are specific such as tubs, couches, and mattresses. Some will entail a room-full of general waste. Even if the job is specific, an empty fridge does not require the same amount of work as a fridge full of frozen meat. The latter might need you to empty the appliance by chipping some ice which takes more time. In addition to this, a fridge that needs defrosting and removed from the backyard is more challenging to haul than if it is in the front yard. Getting all these details is as important to you as it is to your soon to be a client.

Listen attentively

When your phone rings while you are in the middle of something, especially a hauling job or dinner with family, it is easy to rush through the call, making you listen selectively. Not being attentive to the conversation will make you miss details that make you sound uninterested. The attention you give your clients will determine the amount of attention they are willing to provide you with. Express that you are listening through appropriate verbal nods and responses.


When customers talk about needing to get a couch hauled, responding with “okay” and “sure” vs “excellent, I can do that” can make a difference. Be thoughtful about the words you use because they make a good impression among clients.

Set an appointment

Household items vary a great deal nowadays. Checking the items out in person instead of asking your callers for photos spells customer experience differently. The former shows how serious and committed you are. Setting an appointment with a customer makes them forget about calling others. Use this to your advantage.

Tackle hesitations

If a client decides not to hire you yet, ask why. Ask about where the reluctance is coming from and negotiate politely. Not booking an appointment at this stage makes the conversation a time-waster.

Help customers decide to make you their guy by expressing that you care about their business as much as you care about yours.