What Kind of Inverter Generator You Would Choose


The westinghouse igen4500 generators can be divided into two subgroups according to the revolutions that the engine works. These can be 1500 rpm and 3000 rpm. The generators with 3000 rpm engines are usually emergency generators , as the engine work more revolutionized during the time you have to work, and will not be recommended continued use without pause cycles.

Groups with 3000 rpm engines will be the least powerful, will be cheaper, lighter and will have a shorter useful life. On the other hand, generator sets with 1500 rpm engines are prepared for continuous use since the engine will work at lower revolutions, offering greater power and a longer useful life.

These will tend to be the higher power groups or the smaller groups prepared for more intensive and continuous uses. They will always be heavier, more robust and consequently more expensive.

Power offered by the electric generator

In the market you can find electric generators of infinite different powers. According to your needs, you must choose a generator that meets your needs, in order to choose an electric generator that offers you enough power for your case. For this you must calculate the necessary power and determine the appropriate current generator for our needs.

This decision is surely the most important to avoid future problems, since if you buy a smaller generator than you need you will have problems because it will be insufficient, and either you will not be able to satisfy your needs or you will have problems due to overloads or the like. On the contrary, if you buy a much larger igen4500 generator than necessary you will have to assume an unnecessary cost both in the purchase, maintenance and consumption.

Noise level of an electric generator (dB)

The noise level produced by a light generator is also quite an important variable to take into account. This depends on the engine, the chassis and the level of soundproofing. In certain situations it may not be important, but in many cases time or place can make this a very important variable. You must make sure to acquire a generator that adapts to your needs and provides you with the acoustic comfort necessary for your case. There are soundproof electric generators on the market, which the noise level is between 50 dB and 60 dB, being considered silent electric generators.

Other characteristics to take into account to select your generator

On the other hand, when you are going to buy an electric generator you can choose from many other features or accessories to customize and adapt the westinghouse generator igen4500 generator to your demands or needs. Some of these may be if the start is manual or automatic, if it has remote start, fuel tank capacity, autonomy, the weight and dimensions of the generator, etc. These characteristics will already depend a lot on each particular case and our specific needs. It is also very important to make sure that the generator set that we are going to acquire complies with all legal regulations, be it gas or particle emission, safety, etc. To specify the necessary power, you must add all the receivers that are intended to be connected to this energy source as if they were connected simultaneously.

Finally, to say that it is very important to advise yourselves well when buying an electric current generator in order to find a model according to your needs. As professionals in the sector and with extensive experience behind you, experts recommend always buying an electric generator from a brand with a quality guarantee, which offers you a good guarantee, good technical service, spare parts, etc. In summary, you need to understand that the after-sales service of the electric current generator is of vital importance.