What to do with decorations when the holidays are over?


Everybody loves the holiday season. The tinsel, baubles, fairy lights and trees all make the holidays a special time of year. 

The problem, though, is clearing away all your decorations once the season ends. The last thing you want is holiday paraphernalia taking up space your communal areas.

In general, you’ve got two options for dealing with holiday decorations. You can either stuff them all into a box and lug them up to the attic, or you can put them into self-storage. 

Store Your Decorations In The Home

The vast majority of people store their holiday decorations in their homes. It’s the obvious solution. You pack everything into boxes, forget about it for a year, and then whip it all out again once the new season starts. 

While that might seem like a perfectly reasonable solution, for people with limited space or mobility, it’s not. For one, holiday decorations take up vital space in your home’s storage areas, preventing you from decluttering. You need space for clothes, toys, games, and whatever else you keep in your cupboards and closets. Holiday decorations take up valuable space. 

What’s more, lugging holiday decorations up to the loft is difficult for people with mobility issues. You might have enough space, but climbing a shaky, pull-down ladder while holding onto a heavy box isn’t advisable. 

Store Your Holiday Decorations At A Self-Storage Facility

The alternative to storing your decorations at home is to use a self-storage facility. The most significant advantage of self-storage is that it deals with two problems at once. Not only does it prevent your house from becoming unnecessarily cluttered, but it also means that you don’t have to rebuy decorations in the future. You free up space in your home while holding onto your investment. 

When you think about it, the amount of space that your holiday decorations can be quite extraordinary. It’s a lot of room to dedicate to something that you only trot out for perhaps one or two months of the year. 

Outdoor porch and garden decor, in particular, takes up a vast amount of space. Many decorations, such as reindeer are life-size, are a substantial financial investment. What’s more, many rely on electrics – something that damp and water can damage if not stored correctly. 

Self-storage helps you address many of these issues. For starters, storage providers put all your possessions in weather-proof units. There’s no way for water to get in our out, either through the roof or the floor. Second, storage units provide a vast amount of physical space for you to keep even the largest of holiday decorations. While a box of tinsel might not take up much room, a full-size, light-up model reindeer does. 

Self-storage facilities also invest heavily in keeping your possessions safe. The vast majority of providers operate 24-hour surveillance and use a variety of technologies to prevent theft. 

Overall, self-storage is probably the best option for storing holiday decorations. It gives you the best of both worlds: a way to declutter your home and reuse all your decorations next year.