What Types Of Engineers Do You Need For A Building Project?



Perhaps you need a building put up; the Galloway civil engineering Denver firm, one of the best construction firms offering multiple services –architecture, engineering, and survey- is great for you. Different types of engineers have their roles in a project. These are: 

           Construction Phase

  1. Civil engineers: Civil engineers focus on designing and installing utilities and other primary building necessities. They are involved in planning the functionality of buildings. Galloway civil engineering Denver deploys civil engineers to project sites where they work with team members to execute a building design from start to finish.
  2. Structural engineers: Civil engineers go by the common appellation, “structural engineers.” However, the term might be used to distinguish engineers who mostly work to install beams, footers, columns, and trusses in buildings. Some structures of a building need maximum stability and will undergo stress tests from structural engineers to ensure full capability. Structural engineers may also plan, design, and install additional structures to accommodate accessories.
  3. Geotechnical engineers: Geotechnical engineers are rock and soil experts who analyze the site ground together with civil engineers. They have the vital role of predicting areas where natural land movements may affect in future. Geotechnical engineers work closely with geologists in areas where excavations will be necessary.


           Post-construction Phase

  1. Mechanical engineers: They get the tasks of installing mechanical systems like HVAC in large buildings and performing maintenance and repairs.
  2. Electrical engineers: Electrical engineers are responsible for all electrical connections within and outside the building, ensuring safety and standard compliance and fixing alarm systems (fire and security). Electrical engineers can also install alternative energy sources like biogas and solar systems.
  3. Plumbing engineers: Plumbers take care of domestic water channels and piping to ensure the safe delivery of hot water to restrooms, water used in sprinklers, sinks, and showers, etc. They also install and repair waste management systems, working closely with civil engineers.
  4. IT engineers: Modern buildings adopt modern IT-driven security features like access cards, pin/fingerprint/retina locks, and audiovisual systems. IT engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining these systems.

At Galloway civil engineering Denver firm, civil and structural engineers are responsible for analyzing a project site and making it suitable for construction. They are also tasked with executing projects to meet the state requirements or code. Safety is the priority, and that responsibility rests mostly with the structural engineers. Are you thinking of getting a construction engineering firm? Ask if they have a team of these experts.