Where Can Indians Do Business In The Vast UAE?


Many cities throughout the world may boast several selling features to lure businesses to settle there, but few can match Dubai’s creativity and riches. Dubai has been regarded as one of the top five cities for entrepreneurs since 2020, and with good reason. It is, of course, a regional epicentre for trade, finance, and e-commerce, given its superior geographic location and unequalled access to many trade markets.


Last year, the newly established board of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy announced the adoption of a new plan aimed at accelerating the expansion of Dubai’s digital economy to double the number of digital enterprises operating in the emirate in the next few years. Furthermore, recent revisions to the rules governing foreign ownership of businesses have removed the necessity for commercial enterprises to have a majority Emirati shareholder — foreigners can now own their company entirely.

Aside from these benefits, Dubai is also tax-friendly, with business taxes currently at 0%. When you combine that with the city’s extensive range of corporate services, which can handle all of the necessary governmental formalities and paperwork, the city becomes a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for a more straightforward, cost-effective way to launch or scale their business.


Meydan Free Zone shares a common goal: to make entrepreneurship more accessible and to encourage business growth by fostering a lively and connected ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to create, grow, and lead.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Meydan Free Zone is appealing to international talent and investment — an enabling business climate combined with opulent lifestyle choices makes it an excellent destination for the global entrepreneur.

Companies domiciled in Meydan Free Zone are part of a dynamic, centrally placed economic community in a strategically positioned economic hub, with 100 per cent foreign ownership and a guaranteed digital bank account.

Why Free Zone?

The UAE’s best economic success is the region of free zones. Every year, the number of enterprises increases as the entrepreneurs gain high profits in the free zone. Around 8% of all businesses in the country are foreign businesses. According to the National Economic Register, UAE free zones rose by 4.4 per cent last year and now house an incredible 60,000 businesses.

There are over 40 of these business centres to pick from if you’re thinking about establishing your firm in the UAE. Each free zone is distinct to attract various types of enterprises and entrepreneurs. So that’s all about how can Indians do business in Dubai.