Where can paralegals help you during a divorce?


    Before knowing about the various aspects where paralegal services can help you, let us know all that a divorce paralegal can do.

    What can a divorce paralegal do?

    The legal process of a divorce is often complex, overwhelming, and also time-consuming at times. A paralegal offers professional legal help to manage the various legal aspects involved in the divorce process. You will often see a paralegal working under the supervision of a lawyer and managing some of their work, which generally includes the paperwork.

    However, you will also find paralegals working independently. They are law-educated professionals registered with the state government, but these individuals cannot practice law in a court. Plus, they also cannot give you any sort of legal advice besides having incredible information.

    Where can paralegals help you during a divorce?

    Although paralegals cannot give you any legal guidance during your divorce process, they can assist you in many other ways. These include:

    • Preparing your divorce documents: There are several documents involved in a divorce process. You have to fill in numerous forms with accurate details. For instance, if your divorce entails property distribution, then all documents related to your property are required, like the proofs of your income, joint accounts, debts, pension, and other documents relating to your real estate. A paralegal will help you organize all such required documents.
    • Guide you on how to submit them:  Once you have collected all the required documents, your paralegal will guide you on how to file them with the court clerk and begin the legal procedure. He/she will also give you information regarding your child custody, or spousal support, or any other related matter to your divorce. 
    • Guide you in serving divorce documents to your spouse: A paralegal at divorce preparation services will help you hand out the divorce documents to your spouse. Along with guiding the steps to take when serving divorce papers to your spouse, he/she will also help you do it within the specific period. The paralegal you hire will also guide you on what you should expect during the divorce process.
    • Assist in filing child custody and alimony forms: When you hire a divorce paralegal, he/she will help you fill out forms related to child custody and support and alimony. However, he/she has no right to advise you on how much alimony to ask or even guide you if you qualify for it or not. The individual will only help you in completing your paperwork accurately.
    • Educate you regarding the legal procedure of divorce: This probably is one of the most valuable things a divorce paralegal can do. He/she can educate you about the entire divorce process. He/she will explain to you what all will go around in the process and when.

    A paralegal is neither liable to give you any legal advice nor can represent your divorce case in court. But, the service he/she offers is invaluable and cheaper than that of an attorney.