Why are Ceramic Tiles so Popular – Here’s the Guide? 


If someone would have asked us some years ago that can exotic homely looks be created at budgeted rates, our answer would probably have been no. But, ceramic tiles have changed that answer to yes. The variety that these tiles offer can leave you gasping for breath. They’re so beautiful and available in delicate pastels as well as bold hues. You name the color and the ceramic tile can be made into that exact color. 

Having said that, let us take you through some mesmerising benefits of ceramic tiles that’ll actually make you want to redo your walls and floor right now. Have a look. 

They Can Create Old-World Charm

If you were always a fan of classy vintage style cottages and loved the rustic look of wooden bungalows but the expensive prices shooed you away, you can make your dream come true now. 

Ceramic tiles mimic the look of wood and real stone with such precision that there’s no way you can tell which is which. And the better part is that ceramic tiles have only the goods of real wood and natural stone, not their bads. Here’s what we mean. 

  1. Ceramic tiles don’t chip or rot like wood would if not maintained. 
  2. One broken tile can be replaced. You won’t have to get the entire floor remade. 

They Are Made Waterproof 

The only way that your house can remain germ proof and moisture proof is if it is waterproof. And ceramic tiles are just that. They don’t absorb water. Hence, they’re also excellent bathroom tiles and can be used in swimming pools too. 

They are Kids Ready and Pet Friendly 

Yes, they are and we are not making it up. Ceramic tiles are scratch resistant. So, your cat and dog can scratch as much as they like, the surface will not take a brunt. 

Next comes kids ready. Ceramic tiles are carefully designed to not catch stains at all. So, let your kids draw as much as they like on the walls. You can always easily wipe it away and there’s not going to be a single stain. 

In fact, even you’ll have the liberty to spill vinegar and pickle without having to worry about the texture of the tiles because ceramic tiles are abrasion resistant too. 

To sum up, the only thing that you have to worry about is finding a genuine seller. Do check out the amazing collection of Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles that are some of the best ceramic tiles out there in the market.