Make Your Wedding а Different One With Some Custom-Tailored Favors


So you want your wedding to be different, huh? No worries, it can be done. The problem is, you thought you had so many ideas and now when you’re supposed to write them down, the inspiration seems like it’s gone.

We’re here to show how to make custom wedding favors that will make the party unforgettable. First, you should visit and put their page in the bookmarks. You’ll need it later. This is a firm that can make everything you need to be customized. From quotes to pictures, from napkins to glasses. You think of it, they can make it.

Now, let’s see some ideas of what kinds of wedding favors you can have at your event. Some of them won’t be your fit and don’t be pressured to something like this just because others think it chic. Choose only the ideas you find absolutely amazing and that you’ll love to have on your special day.


Every wedding you’ve been to and the couple was giving away these small gifts, you were thinking to yourself – that was really lame. People spend a lot of money on things you might never going to use. Mini champagnes, macaroons filled with tons of sugars, and other things that you’re going to either eat or throw away right after you leave the event.

You’re supposed to get them something that will remind them of your special day. There are so many people who don’t even remember they’ve been to your wedding after a few years. Every one of us has friends and family and we go to such events all the time. Those who are not capable of remembering things in detail might confuse your day with someone else’s.

Unless you get them a cool favor. Like a coffee mug. Every morning they’ll drink from it and they’ll remember very well how your special day went. You’re instantly becoming a part of their home just by getting them this present.

If you’re thinking that you’ll get by with less money if you buy everyone a donut, well, yes, you will. But spending $100 on donuts and $150 for mugs is not much of a difference, right?


We think that useful presents are the best. Towels are affordable and can be customized the way you want them. Guests can go home with a personalized towel with your initials, names, or whatever you think of to place on them. Even your faces can be printed, but, think about how that will look like – using them with someone else’s face drawn on them.

Think about tea towels, or hand drying ones that are placed by the sink. They can very useful and people getting them will always remember where they got that present from. See some ideas about what to do with them here.


Isn’t it lots of funs if you can sit outside when it’s chilly and you’re covered with a blanket drinking a coffee? It’s amazing, right? Blankets with a quote from both of the partners can be something wonderful for people to have in their possession.

Blankets can be used for so many other things too. They are practical and useful and you can be sure that you won’t go wrong if you get them as wedding favors for the people that will come and celebrate your important day together with you.


There are so many other options too. Some that you already thought of by reading this article. They are all good if you like them. Don’t forget to print your names, faces, thanks, etc. and you can be sure that you have made one excellent choice.

Most of these parties are boring and they all look alike. Using something like this can make the whole event a little different than what people are used to. Making them remember your special day is definitely a thing you’d like to do.

Sure, it’s supposed to be about you, but if you didn’t like to impress anyone, you wouldn’t invite any guests, right? It’s cool making your loved ones happy and enjoying themselves during this time just like you and your partner are going to enjoy it too.