11 Ways To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays On A Budget


    Elevating the look of your home in time for the pandemic-coinciding holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re working on a tight budget, we got you covered. Here are 11 ways to cost-effectively decorate your space — from making a statement with affordable 2020 ornaments with masks to using recycled materials as gift wraps.

    Be strategic about the places you’ll dress up. If your budget doesn’t allow you to have an elaborate holiday decor in almost all parts of your home this year — from the interior to the exterior — you should be strategic about choosing the places you’ll “dress up.” You can also choose a simple minimal approach if you want to maximise your budget.

    Make a statement by adding thematic ornaments. 2020 ornaments with masks are sure to be a trend this year. The good news? You can avail them at an incredibly affordable price.

    Wrap your presents using recycled materials. Use old newspapers and magazines or even fabrics to wrap the presents you’ll put under your Christmas tree. This will not only save your money but help give off that elegant rustic feel.

    Make use of those candles and idle mason jars. Want to save electricity? Why not opt for candles and mason jars as a way to light up your home this holiday season?

    Salvage branches, twigs and pine cones. If you really want to achieve that expensive-looking cozy appeal for your home, go outside and salvage any branches, twigs, and even dried up leaves you can find in your garden. Look for online pegs and use them as a cost-free holiday decoration.

    Breathe life to transparent bulbs using plants from your garden. For those who wish to add more greens into their holiday-decorated home, taking out those transparent bulbs from the basement and filling them with plants fresh from the garden can do the trick.

    Repurpose cookie cutters as decors. If you want to decorate your kitchen in time for the holiday, you can put your Christmas-themed cookie cutters on display. If you will unleash your creativity, you can even find more kitchen essentials that can double as holiday decors.

    Make wall art using Christmas cards. Apart from 2020 ornaments with masks, you can add more meaningful Christmas decorations to your home by displaying the holiday cards you’ve collected over the past years.

    Get creative with your unused paper and yarns. Bring out your artsy side and make good use of those papers and yarns that have long been stocked in your drawer. For instance, you can make paper snowflakes and add it as an ornament to your holiday tree.

    Watch out for holiday deals. If you really want to add new, store-bought ornaments, you have to do your homework and watch out for holiday deals from your favorite brands or from local thrift shops in your area.

    Channel your personality. No matter which holiday decoration style you’re aiming for — and no matter what your budget is — what matters most is that you spruce up your home according to your liking and preference. Something that will make you feel good during these extraordinary times.

    Christmas in the time of COVID-19? It can be challenging but there are a lot of things to be hopeful and thankful for. That’s what our 2020 ornaments with masks are about at Ornaments With Love.