Cannabis Pouches and Bags – Features that You Should Look for Before Buying One


Every cannabis enthusiast, at some point of time, has wished for a pouch that’s ideally designed to carry joints. The primary reasons that people have always wanted such pouches is the fact that it’s not easy to store weed where it can retain its flavor for a long time and not get spoiled due to moisture exposure at all. Many companies in the past have also come up with leather pouches claiming to be waterproof, but most of them fail to protect weed during heavy rains and are smelly too. On the contrary, only a limited few companies like Hush Kush have actually come up with a high-quality range of pouches that are ideal for storing weed.

Given wish granted, we have made this guide to inform you about the stunning features that make Hush Kush pouches ideal for storing weed. Have a look below to explore all such benefits.

  1. These Bags are Made Smell Proof

It’s taken care that the insides of every single Hush-Kush pouch is coated with beeswax that makes these pouches entirely smell proof. Besides, they are made with the Perma B technology that makes them 100% moisture resistant too.

  1. These Pouches are Spacious

Whether it’s a single joint that you want to store and carry or an entire bundle of 5, these pouches are spacious enough to carry all. Besides, you can easily fold them to make them smaller too.

  1. These Pouches are Portable

Since these are made to be lightweight and can be folded too, they are extremely portable. You can fit them in the pocket of your jeans and they’ll take very little space in your bag too. 

  1. These Pouches are Eco-friendly

Hush Kush takes proper measures to ensure that their products do not harm the environment in any way. Which is why they make all their products biodegradable. 

  1. These Pouches are Durable

The pouches made at Hush Kush are fabricated with pure leather using state of art technology. Besides, they’re hand customized too. 

Forbye, one of the best things about these pouches is that they are washable. Which means you can reuse them. When you follow the basic washing rule – turn the pouch inside out and use tap water to clean them – these pouches will last for over a year without losing their features like smell and water resistance. Which means, they are extremely economical too. 

All in all, these bags are one of the best cannabis pouches that you’ll ever find. Have a look at their entire collection now.