4 Types of jewelry push presents you can shop for your wife


Is your wife expecting? Congratulations on your pregnancy. During this awesome timeframe, you would like to do the best for your wife by taking good care of them or showering them with gifts. If you’re wondering what type of jewelry push presents you can buy for your beloved wife, especially to surprise her at her baby shower then you have reached the right place. Here, we’re about to guide you with some ideas about the different types of push presents for wife that you can purchase.

Here you go

Baby name initial lockets with chain

If the name of the baby is already decided then you can customize a name initial locket along with the initial of the mother’s name and out the two lockets in a chain and gift her. Though jewelers have huge collections of initial lockets, you can request customization by adding a tiny red ruby or a diamond on it to increase the value of the gift.

Buy your wife a beautiful diamond ring

Women have a secret passion for diamonds. Your wife might not be an exception. Visit the websites of popular jewelry brands showcasing a wide array of diamond wedding rings for women from which you can pick one for her push present. Opening a small box carrying a solitaire studded ring on a platinum base can make your wife gift you back a precious smile.

Diamonds earrings 

In continuation of the previous point, instead of a diamond ring, you can also pick a pair of diamond studs if your wife doesn’t have such pieces in her collection. She would appreciate receiving such a precious piece of jewelry from her beloved husband.

Bracelets are forever jewelry 

Finally, you can consider buying a branded bracelet for your wife. Top designers showcase premium quality bracelets with their famous symbols on them.

Make your pregnant wife feel special by gifting her these amazing push presents.