5 Ways Nasiol Homeshine Can Protect Your Shower Glass


Cleaning your shower glass can be infuriating some times. However, it can’t be helped, and we must do it if we want our shower glass to remain clean and sparkling for a long time. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some stains just refuse to come off and stick to the shower glass stubbornly. This is why it is always best that you get a shower glass coating.

A shower glass coating ensures that hard-water, which is a significant cause of stain for your shower glass, loses its effect and different stains, just slide off your shower glass. This way, cleaning becomes easier, and bathing becomes more enjoyable when you know your bathing space is clean from bacteria sticking to the shower door.

The best shower glass coating you could find out there remains the Nasiol Homeshine; it is a hydrophobic spray for your shower glass. Like the name ‘hydrophobic’ implies, your shower glass becomes immune to the dangers of water. How does it work? It makes your shower glass surface smooth and fills all the tiny pores on the glass that dirt would fill otherwise. What ways can Nasiol Homeshine protect your shower glass?

Less Cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning; at least I don’t. With Nasiol Homeshine, cleaning becomes less frequent and can easily be carried out within a few minutes. Instead of continuous scrubbing, all you require for your cleaning exercise is a clean cloth and water, and all the dirt will come falling off.

Disposal of Chemicals

Chemicals are dangerous to your shower glasses, and the result begins to show with time. When Nasiol Homeshine enters the picture, you can say goodbye to all chemicals like bleach and stick with a healthier alternative for your bathing space. 

Prevention of Bacteria

A healthy environment is one where mold, fungi and bacteria cannot thrive. This is what Nasiol Homeshine offers you; the Hydrophobic spray makes the fungi and bacteria simply fall off the shower door. Since the pores are all filled up with the bouquet, bacteria have no place to grow, and your shower space becomes safer for you.

Stain Repellent

The various stains that might have built up dirt on your shower glass cannot stick anymore. Your shower glass becomes grime-free. Body oils, soap and hard water simply slide off, leaving for clean and sparkling shower glass.


When your shower glass is free of scratches and stains or has no bacteria growing on it, your shower glass will last much longer and remain sparkling over the years. The lack of scrubbing ensures your shower glass doesn’t get damaged or wear out quickly.