A Guide on Insulated Residential Garage Doors


Did you know your garage door occupies 30% of the facade of your house? This means that the door of your garage contributes majorly to the aesthetics of your house. But is your garage door all about aesthetics? To put it simply, no. You should consider the way your garage door looks while choosing it for your house. But the application and material properties should also be taken into account.

The insulation provided by the garage door from companies like Garex is very useful in many aspects. Garex insulated garage doors will keep the temperature inside your house constant for a long time.

What is an insulated garage door?

An insulated garage door will have two layers of steel plates with insulation in between. These types of garage doors help to keep your house warm during winters.

Why do you need an insulated garage door at home?

If your garage is not insulated, the hot air from the central heating system will not last long. It will leak through the walls of your garage door. This means the heating system will have to work more to maintain the desired temperature.

Materials and Styles That Are Most Popular

Continuously running the central heating system of your house will only furnish hefty energy bills. So, in order to save on electricity and energy bills, it is better to install an insulated garage door from well-known companies like Garex.

The material used in the manufacture of insulated garage doors is mostly steel and aluminum. But depending on your application, elite companies with a wide range of products can custom make your door to meet your needs.

But no matter the material, the style of your door can be designed as you want it. If your taste is traditional, an insulated garage door can be made to look like a heritage piece. But if you are modern and like it flashy, no worries, your garage door can be manufactured with sharp edges and a smart finish.

The hardware that attaches to the garage door should also be of excellent quality to ensure smooth functioning. Faulty or out-of-spec hardware attachments can lead to improper functioning and eventual damage to the garage door. To avoid this, make sure your hardware attachments are in line with the weight and frequency of opening your door.

All in all, getting doors from established companies like Garex will keep your garage door not just looking good but working good as well.