Are Ceramic Tiles the Right Choice for Floor and Walls? 


Popular? Yes. But are ceramic tiles the right options? You must have faced this dilemma too. And if you never found the answer to this question, then this guide on the benefits of ceramic tiles will certainly help you. Have a look!

  1. Affordability Will not be an Issue With Ceramic Tiles

Less than half the cost of real wood and real stones, ceramic tiles are the man made charmers that’ll create all the rare looks that are just too beautiful to be overlooked. 

  • The texture and color of hardwood and softwood in ceramic tiles easily create a rustic cottage charm that’ll take you back to the regal charm of countryside barn cottages. 
  • Available is just as many colors and textures as the real stone, ceramic tiles on the floor and walls will transform your house into a contemporary abode with a cozy look. 
  • If space has been an issue in your bathroom and kitchen, then small ceramic tiles (as well as mosaics and backsplashes) will create a perfect illusion of extra space. 
  1. You’ll Have Longevity at Your Disposal

Ceramic tiles are tough and almost unbreakable since they’re made strong enough to survive heavy impacts. As a result, you’ll have them in your house for over a decade without them cracking and breaking easily. 

However, longevity doesn’t just depend upon the strength of the material. It equally depends upon the facts like whether the color will fade, whether the texture will ruin, and so on. And high quality ceramic tiles like the Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles are clear champs in these aspects too. 

  • They are resistant to scratches. 
  • They are resistant to stains. 
  • They are resistant to moisture. 

And the result is that your tiles will be as colorful and bright as they were when they were new. 

  1. Good Hygiene is Something That Ceramic Tiles Always Follow 

Moisture and stains are the two culprits that attract germs, fungus, and all other kinds of organic growths in a house. And, we have already explained that ceramic tiles are almost non-porous. So, they neither accumulate germs nor moisture. Hence, the hygiene is never compromised. 

Last, but not the least, some of the most beautiful colors that these tiles can be made available in are as follows. 

  • Charcoal gray. 
  • Absolute white. 
  • Marble white. 

Colorful bright hues can also be used. The ones that’ll enhance the look are as follows. 

  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Taupe 
  • Brown and reddish brown of wood

All in all, ceramic tiles are certainly the right options that you’ll absolutely love.