Are You Worried About Your Pet?


When you have the responsibility for a pet, it can weigh heavily on you. For all the joy and pleasure that can come with a pet – the deep relaxation of petting a purring cat or watching a dog doze in front of the fire after a long walk – there can also be a lot of worry. If your cat keeps throwing up, if your dog suddenly changes its behaviour, if your parrot won’t eat then it’s easy to feel worried as you’re responsible for getting them help!

Today we’re taking a look at this aspect of pet ownership to help you feel more confident and happy that you’re providing the best care for your pet, whatever it is.

Going to the Vet Too Much?

If you’re seriously worried about your pet’s health, the best thing you can do is get them to the vet. There’s no substitute for advice and treatment from a trained professional. If your worries don’t require a vet’s attention, however, then it’s a bad idea to take your pet in – it’s stressful for the animal and painful for your bank account. Ideally, you’ll be able to judge the situation well enough to take your pet to the vet only when it is indeed necessary.

Online Advice

If you need medical advice but don’t want to commit to a vet’s appointment, then one of the things you can do is talk to a vet online. Online vets use video calls to make an assessment of your pet’s condition – you can describe their symptoms, show them to the vet, and help them make an examination. 

While they can’t take blood tests or administer medication, they can provide valuable advice that could save you a trip to the vet, soothe your worries, or at least confirm that you’re right to want to get them in the carrier on the way as soon as possible!

If you’re looking for an online vet UK options are proliferating: it’s becoming a popular way to get expert help, so you should find plenty to choose from to fit your needs.

Other Owners

One of your best resources is other experienced pet owners. Whether it’s meeting other dog walkers in the park, joining an official group for parrot owners and breeders, or finding a Facebook page for people keeping aquariums in your area!

Finding other owners means you have people to ask for recommendations for specialist vets, potential second hand equipment and perhaps most importantly people you can ask “is this normal?”. So many of our worries about our pets are sparked when they’re behaving strangely, and it’s hard to know if it’s a symptom of a health problem or harmless. Being able to draw on the experience of fellow pet owners will make you a better pet owner yourself.