Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


Most of us tend to pay little attention to our windows when it comes to cleaning.  However, cleaning your windows regularly is essential because they tend to gather dirt and dust floating around your home and transfer it inside your house. This is especially true during winter.

Keep in mind that when closed, windows protect you and your loved ones from rain, dust particles, pollen, bird droppings, insects, car exhaust fumes, and lots of other harmful substances.  All of these stick on the window glasses, and if not cleaned properly, the dirt gets into your indoor space.

In this post, we discuss some of the common window cleaning mistakes you need to avoid. So, let us get started.

  • Not removing deposits before cleaning 

Before you start cleaning your windows, you need to get rid of bird droppings or other deposits that may have accumulated on the window surfaces over time. If you don’t get rid of the deposits first, you will waste a lot of time trying to get rid of the deposits while cleaning.

Use a scraper to remove the deposits as part of your window cleaning preparations.  Sometimes, you may be forced to spray stubborn deposits to help loosen them before you remove them. Start from the outside and work towards the center/inside of the windows.

  • Cleaning windows on a hot/sunny day

While a bright sunny day may trigger your desire to clean your windows, you need to hold off until when there is some cloud cover in your area.  The primary reason is that when the surface of the window is warm, it causes the window’s surface to dry up much more quickly, leaving behind a streak fest.

To determine whether it is a good day to clean your windows or not, simply touch their surface.  If it is relatively warm or hot to touch, wait until you have a cloudier sky or relatively low temperatures to clean. 

  • Cleaning a large area

Sometimes, you may be tempted to clean a large section of the window in one go, which is not good. Mentally divide the window surface into smaller parts before you start cleaning. Keep in mind that if you soap the entire window surface and then start wiping it down, the soapy water may end up forming streaks on the glass.  

Nothing wastes time and energy than having to re-clean an area you had already cleaned. The best way to avoid this is to soap, rinse, and dry one section of the window before moving to the next one.  If the work is too much, consider hiring a window cleaning service to help you.

  • Scrapping too hard

If you are dealing with paint stains or etched dirt, you may be tempted to scrap too hard to get rid of the stains.  Some of us even rely on a scraper or razor blade to get rid of the tough stains, which can be disastrous.

To avoid such issues, make sure you invest in the right cleaning solution which deals with the specific type of stains on your windows. 

Before you purchase any cleaning product, read the manufacturer guidelines to establish if it is designed to remove the type of stains on your windows. Sometimes, using the wrong type of cleaning agent can cause extensive damage. So, it pays to be careful when shopping for a cleaning product.