Finding the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rehab


Alcohol addiction is among the most prevalent drug addictions worldwide, with persons as young as 14 years old getting hooked on alcohol and other drugs. Are you suffering from alcohol addiction and searching for a suitable alcohol treatment program in your area? The questions below will help you in choosing the best alcohol rehab in Houston, TX,in treating your alcoholism.

When you are trying to decide which treatment facility is right for you, it can be challenging to take the first step toward getting help for alcoholism. With competent therapy and continued recovery efforts, even a severe form of this disease can be successfully treated. Learn how to choose the best alcohol addiction treatment clinic for yourself or a loved one and ask admissions coordinators the right questions when evaluating your options.

Questions to Ask an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

You can find your best option by asking your provider which alcohol treatment program is right for you. If you have any questions about therapy, the grounds, amenities offered, or how active family members can be, calling their admissions coordinator would be highly beneficial.

Ask a possible treatment provider the following questions to determine the best alcohol treatment program for you:

  1. What kind of licenses or accreditations do you have?

The Joint Commission and the National Committee for Quality Assurance are examples of national accreditation programs. Take a look at national accreditations, but remember that accreditations are not the same as licensing. Professionals such as therapists,physicians, counselors, and other health care providers should be approved by the state. Make sure the person has specialized training and certification in addiction treatment.

  1. Do you provide pharmacological assistance to your patients?

In Medical Assisted Treatment, FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are combined with behavioral therapy to treat substance abuse disorders. A MAT program for alcoholism usually prescribes disulfiram, acamprosate, and naltrexone to treat AUD. Although these medications do not cure alcoholism, they can help manage its symptoms.

  1. Are there any specialty groups available?

Specialist groups are sometimes offered by providers so that patients can have a better overall experience. Some treatment facilities, for example, may offer groups for veterans or first responders, faith based groups, LGBTQ individuals, or gender specific groups. Groups such as these provide a safe environment for developing healthy relationships.

  1. Will there be any follow-up or ongoing support?

A vital component of recovery is aftercare, which includes finding 12-step groups, sober living homes, and Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Having a plan and a support structure in place after treatment is crucial for staying sober since there is no cure for alcoholism. You may be able to begin planning your aftercare right away, depending on your treatment provider.

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