Finer Methods for Choosing the Best Attorney



Searching for a lawyer is like searching for a smartphone: never knew there were so many ridiculous! But now you are getting a divorce and you need a family law attorney. How do you find a good one?

How do you see the forest through the trees? What should you look out for if you are looking for a good lawyer to help you with your divorce, determining alimony or making a parenting plan? Here are my 5 tips that you can use in your search.

Call a number

In a first telephone conversation you can often sense whether the walton county attorney is listening to you properly. Is your problem taken seriously? Does the lawyer sense the nuances in your situation? Does he or she ask relevant questions? If a lawyer gets stuck in generalities in such a first telephone conversation, that is often not a good sign.

Another interesting test is, how quickly are you called back? Does that not happen within a reasonable time? Then I give you a note that it will stay that way once you are a client.

Hire a specialized family lawyer

Certainly if your case is a bit more complex, we advise you to hire a lawyer who mostly does family matters. For a lawyer who, for example, only does one or two child support cases per year, it is actually impossible to properly guide you in determining the maintenance again. Family law is a broad field, with constant legislative changes, tax changes and a stream of case law. Someone who also has to keep up with legal areas such as labor law, rent law and neighboring law is probably not the best choice.

Moreover, a specialized lawyer not only knows the legal hooks and eyes, but also knows what can be involved on a personal level. And it is precisely in matters such as divorce, alimony and dealing with children that it is crucial to arrange that personal dimension well perhaps almost as important as the legal side of the matter.

why should I choose you?

Sometimes we are a little surprised that potential new clients ask me so few questions. In general, the costs are asked, but often not much more than that! In all those years that I have been a lawyer, it has happened exactly twice that someone asked: why should we choose you and not someone else? That is a perfect question. Ask him to different lawyers. No doubt the one answer appeals to you much more than the other.

Check whether the advice is realistic

When presenting your legal problem, do you also get the idea that the advice is realistic? Or do you have the feeling that it is said what you would like to hear?

If the latter is the case, you have to search further. At first glance, it is nice if a lawyer talks to you, but in the end you are really better helped with realistic advice.