Hair Products Everyone Should Have on Their Shelf To Get Shiny Hair!



There’s nothing better than waking up to shiny, glossy hair every day, right? Unfortunately, hair doesn’t work like that. A number of different environmental and personal factors affect how our hair looks at any given point in time. Come winter, it becomes difficult to dry out your hair, leaving it damp and dull. Summers have a new challenge: summer months tend to make hair more frizzy. Thankfully, hair care has evolved over time and today we have solutions to all these problems and more. From hair sprays to serums to leave-in creams, there are many products out there that help your hair look more lustrous. Read on to find out!

  1. Hair Shine Spray
    A hair shine spray can be the perfect go-to product every time you feel your hair isn’t up to the mark. A shine spray not only gives you glistening hair, but it also helps keep your hair detangled. Godrej Professional’s Shine On! Shine Spray is a non-greasy formula that is specially created to suit Indian hair types. It minimizes frizz and ensures protected, healthy hair all day long.

  2. Nourishing Oil
    Nourishing oils can do wonders for your dull and damaged hair, provided they’re used in the right way and quantity. Nourishing oils can be used before as well as after hair wash. You can either massage the oil into your scalp, thereby increasing blood circulation. Or you can take a few drops and gently apply them to your hair once you’re out of the shower. Godrej Professional’s Acai oil is a sulphate-free, non-sticky formula that nourishes your hair and keeps it glossy for long hours. It is rich in antioxidants and proteins, thereby contributing to the health of your hair and scalp as well.

  3. Hair Serum
    In the recent past, hair serums have become a popular hair care product. They help restore moisture, strengthen hair and make it shiny. Hair serums are generally applied on damp hair, right after you’ve given it a good wash. Just like with Acai oil, one must be careful with the quantity. Too much hair serum might make your hair greasy and too little might be ineffective. Moreover, if you have a generally oily scalp, then it’s best to use very little hair serum.

  4. Shampoo
    Most people associate shampoos with cleanliness. While it’s true that the primary job of a shampoo is to cleanse your scalp and hair, shampoos can also add to your hair’s strength and shine. Godrej Professional has a whole range of shampoos that add a layer of sheen. They increase luster and boost hair growth in the long run.

  5. Hair Masks
    Hair only shines when it’s at its healthiest, and it can’t be healthy if it’s not well-conditioned. Often shampooing your hair can strip it of its natural moisture and make it dull. This is where hair masks come in. The right hair mask can give your hair just the right amount of shine and gloss. Godrej Professional’s Honey Moisture mask is made specifically for this purpose. When paired with the Honey shampoo, it gives optimal results. Top it up with a hair shine spray and you’re all set!

Whether it’s a hair shine spray or a nourishing oil – the end product is the same. So don’t be afraid to use one or more of these products and do away with those dull and damaged locks. After all, hair care is self-care!