How Essential Are Pillows for A Good Night Sleep?    


Have you ever slept on a bed without a pillow? And how does it feel? We must concur that a mattress is never complete without a pillow, whether you require it or not. Just as vessels and vehicles aren’t functional without steering, pillows or cushions have become part of man. 

We now require them in our bedrooms, bathtubs, couch, cars, offices, airplanes, and where need be. But why are pillows an essential accessory? 

Pillows date way back, and I must say, the current generation enjoys the most upgraded type of pillows in time. During B.C, pillows were a mere showcase, mainly in palaces of the Romans and Greeks. During that time, the royals could lie down and lean them. Well, it was all for comfort, pleasure and exhibition.

With the evolution of time, pillows have found their way in all classes of people. However, the type, purpose, and use differ greatly. Modern pillows are quite stylish, with some being custom-made, leaving alone the ancient ones. Today, the market is flooded with various pillow types, some of which include; 

Side Sleeper/ Body Pillows– Side sleeper pillows could be referred to as luxury pillows and come in different shapes and sizes. A side sleeper pillow is usually U-shaped, cuddly soft, and provides anatomical support. Although used by everyone, pregnant women prefer this type as it supports the belly and relieves pain. Generally, for improved comfort, support, reduced tossing and turning.  

Synthetic Pillows– Just as their name, these are made with synthetic filling, commonly, puffs of polyester. They are hypoallergenic, soft and excellent for a tight budget. Other pillow types include latex, memory foam, shredded memory foam, feather, water, gel, and adjustable pillows. 

It is essential to ask yourself several questions like my sleep position, mattress type, ailment problems, or whether you suffer from any allergies. Take advantage of the season to check out the best pillows on sale.   

Sleeping With or Without a Pillow. 

On average, one spends at least 5 hours during a night’s sleep, unlike a nap that can even take minutes. The sleeping posture, physical ailments like back or neck pain, and sleep disturbances are some of the reasons why millions prefer sleeping on a pillow at night. Apart from being medically recommended, pillows are also used simply because they are a traditional bed accessory. 

Chiropractors indicate that it’s all about finding a neutral position to sleep in, where the neck and spine are in proper alignment. If you can’t stay in one position and often suffer from neck or back pain, a custom-made pillow can help alleviate or solve these issues. However, studies indicate that the quality of the pillow highly determines the relief one obtains while sleeping. 

If you get a healthier night’s sleep with a pillow, then it’s okay to have one but be sure to replace it often as they tend to harbour undesirable organisms, which can trigger allergies. For those seeking comfort, there are luxuriously soft cotton pillow options that offer a heavenly feeling.