How To Install An Electric Shower?


Installing a shower may even seem a little scary for those who don’t understand anything about electricity, but it is quite simple, depending on how the property is wired. That’s why today we’ll show you how to install an electric shower in your home – in just a few steps – safely and you are sure to get quality services. Let’s go together?

What Is The Voltage Of The Shower?

The first thing to be checked is the shower voltage (127V or 220V); it varies a lot from the region where you live; usually, the voltage is standardized. Use a multimeter to find out what voltage your shower should have.

Which Circuit Breaker Is Suitable For My Shower?

Another important thing is buying a circuit breaker that follows the same installation power as your shower. If the circuit breaker is set to lower power, the appliance will not work well and may even burn out.

What Type Of Wiring Should I Use?

The power cables must also follow a standard according to the power of the shower, ensuring the proper functioning of the device.

How to install the shower? After gathering all the necessary and correct material for the shower installation, we are ready to install it.

Turn Off The Shower Or General Power Breaker;

To connect the shower cables to the property’s power, use porcelain or a connector. Many people install without the connectors and join the cables with electrical tape, this type of action that can make your installation less secure than with the connectors, avoid!

Strip the ends of the wires with stripping pliers – both from the shower cables and from the property; Then connect the phase and neutral wires; there is no color differentiation, be careful to separate the grounding cable, which is always green or green, and yellow from the shower, see the connection diagram in the image below;

Connect the shower ground cable with the installation ground cable. If your installation does not have grounding, do not connect – under any circumstances – the ground cable to the neutral. In this case, the best thing to do is to insulate the shower ground cable and not connect it in the installation.

My Installation Is By Outlet, What Do I Do?

In some states, it is normal for the shower to be installed directly into the socket; in this case, the installation will follow the same logic, check that the socket that will install and connect the shower is a socket with the correct ampere. Remember that installing an electric shower with sockets is inadequate, and the installation may not be so safe! The safest way is to use the connector for the installation cables directly in the electric shower since this device has excellent electrical power. For doubts about wiring, circuit breaker, ampere of outlets, etc., you can always ask for a professional like a south west plumbing who will do the service with all the expertise and safety.