How To Plan Singapore Funeral Services


Planning Singapore funeral services for a friend or family is probably one of the most difficult tasks in the world, not because of the workload but the rollercoaster of emotions you are going through while doing it. Moreover, the person may not be emotionally and mentally prepared for the job. This article will guide you in the basic steps of funeral planning.

Here’s how to plan a funeral service:

1. Funeral instructions

The first step in funeral planning is to find out whether the deceased person left the funeral instructions. These instructions will guide you all throughout the process of funeral planning. Does the person want Taoist funeral services in Singapore? Do they want to be cremated?

Besides the instructions, the funeral service organiser should check for the deceased person’s life insurance. Life insurances often provide funeral cover. Check for the person’s existing funeral plans and packages.

2. Find a funeral director

If the deceased person has funeral plans, you can call the funeral director assigned to that funeral package, and they will take care of the rest of the funeral service.

But if the deceased person has no funeral plan, find a funeral director in Singapore. The funeral director will collect the body, take care of it, and plan the funeral service after consulting with the parties involved.

3. Burial or cremation

Upon consultation, the funeral director will ask you or the closest kin of the deceased person whether to bury or cremate the person. Sometimes, the deceased person leaves instructions on what to do with their body after. But if there are no instructions, the closest kin can decide for them.

4. Choosing casket services

The closest kin should buy a casket for the deceased person. Generally, the funeral director can offer their collections. The kin can also find coffins from casket services in Singapore outside the funeral director’s services.

5. Arrange the funeral

The kin should pick the venue and date for the funeral, type of funeral service, transport, funeral flowers, dress code, and so on.

Planning a funeral is no easy task, but thankfully, a reputable funeral director in Singapore can give you a hand. Visit Ang Chin Moh FD for funeral services.