How to Start a United Kingdom Pet Sitter Business


If you are good with pets, including those that belong to other people, you may consider starting a pet sitter business. Here are the things that you can do for your company:

Dog Walking Activities

This is one of the most basic pet sitter services in the United Kingdom. Many people around you probably own a dog or more. Since pet owners may have active careers to pursue, they may really appreciate a dog walking service. This is a pleasant way to spend some time in the sun while forming a bond with your “wards”. If you’re good at this, pet owners may hire you on a daily basis.

Pet Boarding Services

When pet owners get called away on work or family concerns, they worry about who will be feeding and taking care of their pets. That’s where pet boarding services come in. Pet owners will bring over their pets to your boarding service. Your responsibilities involve making sure the pets have clean and nourishing food and water, and clean bedding, while in your care. You have to take out the dogs for walks or bring cats to your exercise yard to sunbathe. You will also need to do grooming and help with the animals’ medication. Basically, you will serve as a surrogate parent to the pets.

When it comes to pet boarding, you will require quite a lot of space depending on the number of pets. You might also need to apply for permits for hygiene and sanitation. Try to control your overhead so that expenses won’t eat into your profits. You may apply for pet sitter insurance too, just in case there are threats to the lives of your “wards”. It would also be good to get police clearance so that pet owners know that you’re free of past criminal records or criminal liabilities. All these investments will be worth it, years later, when you put up your small business for sale.

Pet Grooming

You may also buy business such as pet grooming services. This requires some training. Pet owners will probably want to see your past work so you can try to get some experience with pets at animal rescue organizations first. You should consider working with these organizations for free since they probably can’t afford to pay for pet grooming. That way, you have experience and credentials when pet owners ask for your photos of past work.

Basically, the longer the hair of the pets, the more complex your pet grooming skills should be. You have to learn how to get the trust of the pets you will be grooming. So it pays to be patient in this line of work.

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