LED Mirrors: How Do They Work, And Why Do You Need One

LED Mirrors

An LED mirror is one of the best additions for homeowners looking to enhance their bathroom’s overall look. LED bathroom mirrors have special lighting around their surface, providing a more transparent reflection than a non-LED mirror.

An LED bathroom mirror does not require an electrical charger to work. Unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, LED mirrors require little electricity. LED mirrors can last for over a decade based on usage. It means that having this fixture for a bathroom is a long-term investment to consider.

LED mirrors may seem fancy to some people, but it involves only two technologies: mirrors and light-emitting diodes.

Two types of LED mirrors are available for homeowners to choose from. The first type of LED mirror comprises fitting LED light strips to mirror frames. This type of mirror is typically seen in a clothing store’s fitting room.

The second type of LED mirror is where LED lights and diffusers are installed behind the glass panel on the exterior of the mirror. All mirrors need two vital parts: a smooth metal surface and a layer of glass for protection. LED manufacturers can produce these mirrors as if they are the ones emitting light.

One reason LED mirrors are suitable for a bathroom is that they can give better lighting. An LED mirror can provide a light source that illuminates one’s face directly. The light from the LED mirror does not cast a shadow, making it more suitable for shaving and applying makeup. One of the things you will notice as you look at your reflection in an LED mirror is the clean backlight that can enhance facial features.

There are different color temperatures and lumens of LED lights to choose from. These lumens can make light closer to the actual light from the sun.

For more details about LED mirrors and how they work, here is an infographic by Remer.LED-Mirrors-How-Do-They-Work-And-Why-Do-You-Need-One