Marbella: a city of love and adventure


Usually when we begin contemplating activities with our darlings, the primary city that goes to our head (for the most part because of the mainstream society’s impact) will in general be Paris, the alleged “city of love” as many of us know it. However, this isn’t the only city that is totally suitable for a loving couple. In this post we might want to share some of the best ideas and activities with your loved one to make some extraordinary memories while likewise becoming acquainted with what a delightful city Marbella is.

Most importantly, Marbella is one of Spain’s top touristic destinations, and as such it is decidedly ready to get a decent number of guests. This makes it much simpler to visit than other far off objections, as you can easily move with the Malaga to Marbella transfer services and benefits that are fairly simple to discover and use, consequently making the transportation issues one thing less to have as a main priority.

Marbella has something for everyone! There’s always a lot to see and do around the city

In the first place in this experience, it is enthusiastically prescribed to visit Marbella’s old town. Walking around the old streets, where you can actually see the impact of Arab, Christian, Phoenician architectures that had history in this city, and visiting its various squares that make the experience a lot richer and eclectic in terms of beauty. It’s like visiting different cities in just one travel!

Ambitious people (or early birds) can exploit the dawn while walking around the shore. Marbella is overall known for its wonderful sea shores that even in spring or pre-winter have an exceptionally welcoming temperature for travelers.

The Marbella promenade is additionally ideal for a walk. Start in Marbella and go the extent that you need – you can even go to Puerto Banús and San Pedro de Alcántara if you have enough energy and are eager to explore, that in case you’re not saving that same energy for a portion of the rich nightlife that can be found around there.

If you and your couple would also fancy a stroll in the wide open more – Marbella offers the absolute best climbing trails on the Costa del Sol – go up Juanar in Sierra Blanca on the edges of Marbella. There you will discover a choice of courses from simple to hard, yet all will furnish you with breathtaking perspectives on Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Also, on days with great clearness and vision, which are most of the days in this part of the region, you can unmistakably see the Strait of Gibraltar and the shoreline of Morocco at the other side of the shore.