Office Furniture Retail Singapore: Your Quick Guide To Ergonomic Workstation


Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, many employees have switched to a work from home setup. This setup has required employees to turn a nook of their home into a temporary workstation. Most of the time, employees use their breakfast bar or dining table as a home office desk in Singapore; however, these are not comfortable and healthy ergonomically-wise.

Here are the tips on how to assemble an ergonomic home workstation:

1. Choose a chair that supports your spine.

Ergonomic chairs support the natural curve of your spine by providing lumbar support and cushion. Most of these chairs have adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and armrests. You can adjust the height of the chair as well. It prevents lower back pain and neck and shoulder strain.

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2. Choose an adjustable office desk in Singapore.

A tall office desk in Singapore strains your shoulders, arms, and wrists. Too low desks force you to hunch your back. An ergonomic chair allows you to adjust its height according to your comfort. Additionally, some desks have a computer screen mount that permits you to tilt it at any angle.

3. Choose an ergonomic keyboard.

Most keyboard structures are slim rectangular plastic boards with keys. Unfortunately, in this structure, both of your hands need to be close to each other for better keyboard coverage. The hallmark of an ergonomic keyboard is the split in between. Because the typical keyboard is cut in half, you can now place each half shoulder-width apart. It prevents hunching your back and straining your shoulders.

4. Choose an ergonomic mouse.

A computer mouse comes in different sizes. An ergonomic mouse fits well in your hands, has an excellent handgrip, and can be manoeuvred smoothly.

5. Houseplant

Did you know that a small potted plant and flowers or succulents on your home office desk in Singapore can help you relax and be more creative?

Employees can work efficiently and more productively with comfortable workstations.

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