Ophthalmoplegia: Types, Effects, and its Solutions


Ophthalmoplegia is an eye weakness condition. In this condition, the eye muscles become weak and are not able to properly hold up the eye at its place. The eye muscles are either paralyzed or are weak.

What happens in this condition is that your eyes don’t look as attractive as they should. Your eyes may seem sleepy all the time or they may always look weak. The weakness of the muscle leads to discrepancy in the position of eyelids and thus making your eyes look sloppy.

This condition can be found in one eye or both eyes. There are two types of Ophthalmoplegia.


Chronic Ophthalmoplegia (กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง, which is the term in Thai) causes you to lose complete control over your eyelids and thus making it look like the case of “drooping eyelids”.


It is caused by internal nerve damage and nerve fiber. This leads to the issue of double eye vision because of a lack of control on the lateral movement of the eyes.

Effects of Ophthalmoplegia

·       Blurred Vision

This condition leads to blurred vision in the patient. This is because of the loss of lateral movement. We all are familiar with the issues that can arise with blurred vision. Sometimes what happens is that people think that they need specs for blurred vision, but what happens is the loss of eye muscle power. It is always advised to go to an eye doctor if you face this condition.

·       Aestheticism

The 24/7  sleepy eyes don’t look aesthetic on your face. People face issues of low self-esteem because of ophthalmoplegia. Low self-esteem leads to underconfidence and mental issues. It is always in favor of your mental health to get this resolved as soon as possible.

There are many solutions for this condition. What solution will be used depends on the cause and your condition. The prominent ones are:

·       Surgery

Most of the eye weakness issues can be resolved with surgical methods. There can be surgery carried out for your chronic as well as internal ophthalmoplegia. The best surgeons can easily resolve this issue within hours. The major benefit of having surgery is a quick solution for your condition. Cataracts can lead to curable blindness and surgery is the only way to remove cataracts. Many people can not afford this surgery. Tej Kohli’s eye foundation comes forward to rescue such people from their misery by providing free cataract surgery.

·       Drugs

As per your health history and body condition, the doctors may choose to give you a drug solution for your muscle weakness. Patients in whom this condition is just starting can be treated with the help of drugs.