Optimum Service with Optimum Internet


We recommend Optimum as your go-to internet service walton ny provider because Optimum delivers on all 3 of its services: internet, TV, and phone. Don’t believe us? Sounds too good to be true? Well, take a look for yourself:

Optimum Internet

Multi-device Streaming

Want to stream that movie in 4K Ultra HD, but one of your kids wants to play an online game while another wants to watch YouTube videos in high definition. We’ve all been through a situation like this where someone has got to compromise on their internet usage. Of course, deciding who that “someone” is going to be can cause a huge ruckus. Don’t you wish you could just let everyone do whatever online activity they please, so you don’t have to deal with anyone’s tantrums? Well, a subscription to Optimum internet services will bring you exactly the peace of mind you’ve been looking high and low for.

Optimum internet is capable of supporting multiple devices engaged in HD streaming thanks to its high internet speeds. Download speeds range from 300 Mbps to 1 Gig, which means you really can’t go wrong here when it comes to playing online games, streaming popular shows, shopping, or working from home.

Whole-home Wi-Fi Coverage

Making things even better is the fact that Optimum provides whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, which means your entire family doesn’t need to fight over that “sweet spot” in the house that gets the best Wi-Fi signals. In fact, you can now even get Smart Wi-Fi 6 with a free extender depending on the package you select.

Why is Wi-Fi 6 good news? Well, the new and improved tech that is Wi-Fi 6 allows for greater speeds, increased network capacity, and better signal coverage. Couple this with an extender that, in very simple terms, extends the range of your Wi-Fi signals, and you’ll be on your way to some excellent coverage in the house.

Built-in Security

With the rising rates of cybercrimes, Optimum goes the extra mile when it comes to keeping you safe. Optimum’s intelligent network helps identify potential threats in the form of viruses, malware, etc. to help protect you and your devices for free!

No Data Caps

No matter what Optimum service you sign up for, there are no data caps. In an era where almost everything takes place online: school, work, chores, and entertainment along with the increasing integration of smart home devices, having a limit on your data usage can really be a downer, which is why Optimum should be your preferred choice. With no worries about data limits and interruptions in your monthly internet-related activities, you can finally put your feet up and relax.

Internet On-the-go

Optimum doesn’t just entitle you to the internet in the home, but to internet-on-the-go as well. Thanks to its 2 million nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots, you can connect to the internet almost anywhere. Standing at the bus station or working at a café, don’t worry because Optimum has got you covered. Literally! To make things even easier, Optimum’s automatic sign-in feature means you don’t need to enter an ID or password to access the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Optimum TV

TV time has actually become a great way to unwind and relax after a tiring day, and in some cases,it’s also a huge part of family time. If your sister is watching a movie, you might decide to join her, then next thing you know, your mom and dad are joining in too, and turns out you are enjoying some much-needed wholesome family time. Apart from family time though, watching a movie or a season finale together with friends or even alone can be an extremely fun activity.

Never Miss Out!

With Optimum TV packages,you can get up to 420 channels of which 60+ channels are in HD. In addition to this, even the most basic Optimum packages include select channels like ESPN, etc. With Optimum’s video On Demand, you can watch almost any show, game, movie you please and browse through different genres and categories to find something you like. You will even get suggestions on what to watch, thanks to Optimum’s intelligence-oriented service. Along with all this, you can even utilize the DVR services, which means now you can record the game or a movie to watch later, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything due to work or family commitments.

Apps On Your TV

Rather than using external devices such as a Chromecast or Roku, you now don’t need to go through the hassle of switching between inputs as your TV subscription with Optimum means popular streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video will appear right there on the screen. Just select one and begin watching any podcast, show, or movie you want.

Voice Control

With the Bluetooth-enabled remote, you can now control your TV, quite literally, without even lifting a finger. One might even dare to say it’s about as close as you can get to the famous genie line: “Your wish is my command” when it comes to using your remote and selecting what to watch.

In a Nutshell

With so much being offered Optimum makes for an excellent choice both in terms of internet and TV. Did you also know that subscribing to Optimum requires no contract, which means you don’t need to worry about being stuck with sub-par internet and TV services for the entire year. With so many benefits in subscribing to this ISP, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call Optimum customer service to find the right plan for YOU.