Prepaid Electricity


Prepaid electricity also pay as you go electricity is becoming a new trend to pay electricity bills around the world. This has solved problems of electricity in rural areas in India. This is also a top option in Africa’s electrification. This is great for both the consumer and the utility companies. It helps the user know how much energy they are using and those people who have lower income have the accessibility of utilities. As for the utility companies it reduces the amount of unpaid services. Also to help prevent people from stealing electricity from neighbors. There are a few companies in Texas that offer this type of utility.

What is exactly prepaid electricity? Well this is just like prepaid phones or cable you will pay for the amount of energy you use before hand. This has been around for quite some time know and is becoming one of newer pay as you go methods. The growth market of this has continued to grow and has the potential to be the way of utilities in the future. This will not only make it less stressful on the consumers part but also the company knowing that they have already paid for there energy. There was a study performed that with 11.4 billion in prepaid metering is anticipated for the upcoming decade. Asia seems to want to adopt this new idea as they have many unpaid bills in the energy sector.

This system will work with a monitor that will take into consideration all the energy consumption being taken. Once you have reached your prepaid limit the system will then shut off the utilities until the next cycle. This will minimize those who use the energy but can not afford it. This can be installed personally but if you’re not very tech savvy a technician can instal it.

The prepaid service will not change the quality of the utilities. Everything will work accordingly as normal. The only difference is when you meet your threshold is when the lights won’t turn on a things like that. Until your prepaid amount is out the energy will work just like it did in the past.

With this system you can now monitor your consumption. This can be done by logging into your account. The notification will demonstrate how much electricity has been used. This is a good thing to check about every two weeks to ensure you are on the right path. If you’re consuming electricity you may need to increase your pre pay or learn how to use the energy more efficiently. The typical notifications that are shown are measured in kilo-watts consumed for the day. The balance remaining on the meter. Your savings for that day. 

Lastly it will show you how many days estimated you have left. It will average out your days and give you an estimation of how much time you have left. Some notifications will go further into detail such as how to lower your electricity consumption. This will give you tips to help reduce your electricity consumption.

Prepaid electricity seems to be breaking the news and seems to be an effective way to prevent energy robbery and minimize electricity usage. Africa seems to be the furthest in the game and plan on having this the main electrification of this decade. Also Asia seems to be wanting to adopt this new prepaid system. Many countries that deal with electricity robbery should be implementing this to reduce those unpaid bills.