Probe into What is High-Quality Power Tailgate


—Changyi gives you an insight into electric tailgate lift

The high-end configuration of cars can improve our experience at the greatest extent, of which power tailgate is a common practical configuration. However, if you don’t know how to select the high-quality electric tailgate lift, various embarrassing situations will occur.

Common Conditions of Inferior Power Tailgate

  • When opening the back door, it doesn’t open or just flips the first lock

It may be that the upper and lower brackets are not installed in place or the host box does not match the lifting bar. You need to check whether the upper and lower brackets are tightly attached to the car, and replace a circuit board if you are sure there is no problem.

  • The second lock of the rear door doesn’t work

Cut off a little bit of the soft glue inside the lock core with the blade, so that the soft glue does not reach the lower lock. The four hard glue above the rear door should also be adjusted.

  • The rear door only goes down and up halfway

The main reason is that the tailgate lift pole is too elastic.

High-quality Power Tailgate Features

  • No Noise

A qualified power tailgate pays great attention to the sound of opening and closing. The electric pole is the transmission part of the motor drive, so how to control the inherent sound of the electric product in the decibels accepted by the owner is essential.

  • Safety

A qualified power tailgate can detect the obstacles through sensors when closing and the tailgate will move in the opposite direction, effectively preventing people from being trapped. On the contrary, unqualified electric tailgate lift is easy to cause accidents.

  • Adapt to various climates and environments

A qualified power tailgate should be able to be normally used in various climates and environments, which requires high resistance to high and low temperature, humidity, water resistance, rust resistance and other characteristics of the components. Changyi’s power tailgate is very strict in quality control. The products have passed the tests of high and low-temperature test, water resistance test and other environmental tests, all in accordance with the factory standards, and can operate normally in all kinds of harsh weather and environment.

  • Adapt to all kinds of road conditions

The situation of uphill, downhill, body tilting occurs from time to time, which requires the power tailgate to work in all kinds of road conditions normally.

Changyi Power Tailgate Sparkling Points

  • Soft-close electric suction device

After closing the car door, the power suction will adsorb the lock to reduce the intensity, and ensure the tailgate closed entirely.

  • Controlled by the remote device

Convenient remote control help user open/close the liftgate easily, even their hands are busy.

  • Smart avoid pinch

While the power tailgate is closing, once it touches the obstacle, it will bounce back automatically or stop immediately, avoiding to hurt the user.

  • Memory function

The power liftgate can memorize the height, which is set by the user. The user can set the height by long press on the button, and next time, the rear door will stay at the default height automatically.

  • Sound alarm

When close or open the hands-free tailgate, it will ring out to remind the driver.

  • Foot-sensor function

Foot-sensor is one kind of smart trunk sensor system. Open/ close the trunk automatically by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of Doppler produced when the foot gets close and away from the sensor.

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